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Marq may refer to:

  • Marq Mellor (b. 1968), American field hockey player
  • Marq Porciuncula (b. 1987), German musician
  • Marq Torien (b. 1962), American singer
  • Marq de Villiers, Canadian writer
  • Margh (disambiguation)
  • Maraq (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "marq".

Many times Klair blamed herself for not pressing Marq about where he lived, but the man was obsessively secretive.

She halfheartedly watched the crowds, hoping to see Marq or Qent, and that was how she noticed that three men and a woman were moving parallel to her as she crossed the Plaza of Promise.

If Marq had permitted me to reawaken, I would have applied an option inherent in this form and shut myself off forever.

Andol Holme was actually the largest of the group, rising slightly over Marq Senrith.