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Maga may refer to:

  • Blackwood's Magazine (also Maga), a British magazine and miscellany printed between 1817 and 1980
  • Hubert Maga (1916–2000), politician from Dahomey
  • Sakaldwipiya (also Maga Brahmins), a class of Hindu Brahmin priests and Ayurveda teachers and practitioners
  • Thespesia grandiflora (common name: maga), a tree in the Malvaceae family of the Rosids order

Usage examples of "maga".

When the kindred came to choose, many of them wanted Maga, for her wisdom, and others Allel, who was reknown as a warleader when he was young.

She hated it when Maga and Allel fought, and it had looked as if Emer was going to fight in just the same way.

Next to Maga, Elenn thought, she barely counted as prettier than Emer.

In front of everyone, Emer was quiet, the way Maga had told them to be.

Nice as it was to be away from her for a while, Maga made a lot of sense about that sort of thing.

She might have carded or spun the wool before she left home, and she found herself hoping she had, that when Maga had come to choose the wool to weave, she had run her hands carefully along the store until she came to some Elenn had spun.

Then they would lead the way around all the houses of the dun and down into the village, making sure there was no fire anywhere before Maga made the sunrise vow.

She thought she could do that without causing Conary to throw her out or Maga to summon her home.

But Maga said losing your temper was letting people know what you were thinking and something you should only do with a very good reason.

She herself was wearing the overdress Maga had sent for the Feast of Bel.

She suddenly had the awful vision of Maga marrying them off to the wrong men, Emer to Ferdia and her to mocking Conal.

All Emer would do was make Maga more and more set on a course that so far, however awful it appeared, was not settled policy.

If Maga could be distracted, she might change her mind another day and forget about these suggestions as if they had never been mooted.

Elenn stayed calm and silent, hardly moving, keeping her face tranquil, making herself untouchable inside herself even if Maga should turn on her.

Emer pushed Maga away from her, forcing her mother to take a step back.