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vb. (en-third-person singular of: mad)


Mads may refer to:

People with the given name Mads:

  • Mads (given name)


  • MADS, a dental surgery non-profit student association in Malta
  • MADS-box, a family of genes and proteins
  • Metadata Authority Description Schema, a schema used in the library community
  • Mobile Application Development Suite
Mads (given name)

Mads is a male given name, a Scandinavian form of Matthew and may refer to:

In sports:

  • Mads Albæk, Danish professional football player who currently plays for FC Midtjylland
  • Mads Glæsner, Danish professional swimmer
  • Mads Jørgensen, Danish retired professional football player
  • Mads Junker, Danish professional football player who currently plays for Roda JC
  • Mads Kaggestad, Norwegian professional road racing cyclist
  • Mads Laudrup, Danish professional football player who currently plays for HB Køge
  • Mads Østberg, Norwegian rally car driver
  • Mads Rasmussen, Danish professional rower
  • Mads Timm, Danish retired professional football player

In music:

  • Mads Arp, Danish composer, producer and electronic music pioneer
  • Mads Langer, Danish composer, singer-songwriter and pop musician
  • Mads Tunebjerg, Danish bass player in the Danish rock band Kashmir
  • Mads Vinding, Danish jazz double-bassist

In other fields:

  • Mads Andersen, Danish poker and backgammon player
  • Jørgen Mads Clausen, Danish billionaire chief of Danfoss
  • Mads Gilbert, Norwegian doctor, solidarity worker and political activist
  • Mads Mikkelsen, Danish actor, known for playing Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal
  • Mads Eriksen, Norwegian cartoonist
  • Mads Eggert, American LIS guru and medical researcher. (Research published in Brain Research Bulletin Volume 4, Issue 6, November-December 1979, Pages 793-797.)

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Usage examples of "mads".

In short order they were arranged as required, with Havoc to the west, then Jaguarundi, Doc Madsen, Lobo, Raphaela, and Sparrow Hawk.

Madsen, Sparrow Hawk, and Jaguarundi were driving a wedge into the mob, working together, standing side by side and hurling all corners from their path.

They'd been armed with a variety of World War II weapons: Enfield rifles and Tommy guns, with American pineapple grenades and a Danish light machine gun, a Madsen, that took 8-mm ammunition instead of the .

Likewise, the Israeli kibbutz (Shapira & Madsen, 1969) and the schools in Russia (Bronfenbrenner, 1975) try to teach non-competitive cooperation and communal responsibilities for others, while we in the United States praise individual freedom and achievement, and encourage win-lose competition.