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Maro may refer to:

  • A male name emanating from the Republic of Ragusa (today city of Dubrovnik in Croatia) often used by noble families, such as:
    • Lucijan Toma Natal Maro Frano Pucic ( House of Pucić)
    • Maro Bona (old noble family from Dubrovnik)
    • Maro Joković (Croatian team waterpolo player from Dubrovnik)
    • Maro Coric (Canadian Lawyer from Dubrovnik)
  • A Tahitian men's loin-cloth, now superseded by the pareo or pareu.
  • Maro or Maron, in Greek mythology he raised Dionysus as an infant. Later, he became a priest of Apollo
  • Maro (ship, 1981)
  • Maro (spider)
  • Maro River (Merauke Regency, Indonesia)
  • Virgil as he is sometimes referred to in English Renaissance literature
  • Another name for Saint Maron
  • Maro (Also MaRo) is the nickname for longtime Magic: The Gathering card designer Mark Rosewater. The truncated version of his name is both a card and a common shorthand around the Magic playing community. "Maro" cards (of which there are eight as of Time Spiral) reference the number of cards in players' hands and grow more powerful the more there are.
  • Maro (Black Cat), a fictional sumo wrestler
  • Another form of the female name Maria in Greek
  • Maro, a village in Italia, part of Castelnovo ne' Monti municipality
  • Maro, a little village in the south mediterranean coast of Spain, known by its rocky coast and limpid sea waters.
  • Acronym for "Martial Arts Remedial Oil", intended or marketed as an alternative to Chinese liniment Dit Da Jow, or "Multi Application Remedial Oil" – both are blends of essential oils manufactured by Remedial Oils, a business based in Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, which also uses the acronym as a brand name.
  • MARO, Massive Atrocity Response Operation

Usage examples of "maro".

Dain Maro felt the free-fall flutter in his belly as the little ship dropped.

He leered at Maro, and the effect was so comical that the prisoner almost laughed.

It had a quaint sound to it, Maro thought, a pre-space feeling that went along with colorful costumes and riding on beasts or under steam or fossil power.

Stark was on his feet, staring through the window behind his desk, when Maro arrived.

Either he was brave, stupid, or there was some kind of protective gear set up in the office, Maro figured.

Of a moment, Maro found his heart pounding and his mind clutched by a surge of lust unlike anything he had ever before felt.

His tone of voice sounded sympathetic, but the shift was altogether too artful for Maro to believe in.

Berque was a man to trust for less distance then he could be thrown one-handed, and one not to turn an unprotected back to under any circumstances, Maro figured.

So instead of running, Maro finished the roll, banging his hip on the fire extinguisher, and shoved himself back against the wall in a crouch.

Too big to get through, Maro figured, but small enough to use the handgun he clutched.

He went for his sidearm, but Maro raised the needier and fired it on full auto, waving it back and forth.

Before leaving the area, Maro had rigged a roll-up cable and extender from the hangar roof, set to a sonic switch.

This was a one-gee world, or thereabouts, and Maro quickly estimated the amount of weight stacked on the bar.

Scanner hurled himself toward Maro, knocking the smuggler off his feet.

Then, as Maro regained his balance and stepped forward again, the shock was replaced with fear.