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Etymology 1 n. (alternative form of man English) Etymology 2

prep. (context UK dialect Devon English) amid, amongst, among. vb. (context UK dialect Devon English) To mix. Etymology 3

n. hinnulus

Mang (caste)

The Mang or Matang (Minimadig in Gujarat and Rajasthan) community is an Indian caste, historically associated with low-status or ritually impure professions such as village musicians, cattle castraters, leather curers, midwives, hangmen, undertakers.In the modern day they are listed as a Scheduled Caste, a designation which has replaced the former term Untouchable.Their origins lie in the Narmada Valley of India.

Usage examples of "mang".

After that the Cav guarded Mang Yang pass and the bridges on Route 19 going to Pleiku.

Even Karan Mang seemed interested, though Efe, seated on a stump with one child between her knees, the other at her breast, had closed her eyes to blissful slits.

Apparently, Colonel Mang already had it in his mind that I was up to no good, so he had to make what he knew fit with what he suspected.

Master Li swore that the insult had last been delivered during the Usurpation of Wang Mang, and he was willing to bet that at some point in her wanderings Grief of Dawn had found work in one of the moldy priories where antiquated old maids preserve ancient sayings and customs they learned from their great-great-grandmothers.