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Maln (or Malnbaden) is a locality situated in Hudiksvall Municipality, Gävleborg County, Sweden with 213 inhabitants in 2010.

Usage examples of "maln".

They are the Mafoc Mar, the Bag Mothers, clanless females who serve the members of the Maln, the Black Order.

Were you the lowest thing in the Maln, a traitor, or just something they could do without?

He knew that the Maln had gone to great lengths to discourage the transmission of a Song of Power to the humans, when they realized what humans would be able io do with it - not just drive the remaining Sidhe from Earth, but re-unite the Realm and Earth.

First the Maln sabotaged their own early schemes by sending a person from Par lock to Coleridge.

The Maln discovered him, however, and before she could dance in his ballet, they.

All the Maln had to do was increase the length of a gas jet when she fluffed her dress.

Finally, even the Maln relented, and we were allowed to take her away from the pain.

The impressions were strong enough to convince him that he was at the center of the brass cylinder, and that the cylinder was an outpost of the Maln - an extension of the IraJl.

Tarax's platform drew closer and the high priest of the Maln reached out with long fingers to touch the chains bonding him to the other bodies.

The Black order, the Maln, fought every action of the council of Eleu.

You must have come very close then, because you drove Tarax and the Maln to bum her.