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The Collaborative International Dictionary

mase \mase\ (m[=a]z), v. i. [by back-formation from maser[2].] To emit coherent microwave radiation, as in a maser[2].


vb. To act as a maser; to emit or subject to maser radiation.


Mason Durell Betha (born August 27, 1977), better known by stage nameMase (stylized Ma$e), is an American hip hop recording artist and minister. He is best known for being signed to Sean "Diddy" Combs's label Bad Boy Records.

Mase (disambiguation)

Mase (born 1975) is an American rapper.

Mase or Masé may also refer to:

  • Chigaya Mase (間瀬ちがや?, b. 1967), Japanese ski mountaineer
  • Dana Mase, American pop singer and songwriter
  • Marino Masé (b. 1939), Italian film actor
  • Mase, Switzerland, former municipality in the district of Hérens in the canton of Valais in Switzerland
  • Steve Mason (b. 1988), Canadian ice hockey goaltender

MASE is also an abbreviation of Mean absolute scaled error, a measure of accuracy of forecasts.

Usage examples of "mase".

Operation Zabriska is Mase and me checking some peculiar disturbances in the sub-ether.

You and I, Mase, will make appropriate alterations aboard a J-class vessel of the Patrol.

Oishi and two of his older lieutenants, Hara Soyemon and Mase Kyudaiyu, stationed themselves outside to repel reinforcements and to stop those inside from escaping.

When a small crowd gathered, Hara and Mase conferred with the men sent by neighboring lords.

From this gate, running clear down the center of the ghetto to the south wall, was Mase Kalnu Iela, or Little Hill Street.

Jurgen thought Mase had probably been hired to keep order in the bar as much as to sell drinks.

He realized that of all the customers and staff, Mase was the only completely sober one in the Club.

And the said Thomas Mase further states, that, upon another occasion, about eight or nine years ago, while sleeping a night in Syderstone Parsonage in a room at the south end thereof, the door of which room moved particularly hard upon the floor, requiring to be lifted up in order to close or open it, and producing a particular sound in its movement, he distinctly heard all the sounds which accompanied its opening.

Thomas Mase states, that the circumstances above related, arose from causes which he is totally at a loss to explain.

Syderstone, in the county of Norfolk, do hereby certify that Elizabeth Parsons, Thomas Mase, William Ofield, Elizabeth Hooks, Phoebe Steward, and Robert Hunter, who are now residing in this parish, and whose Declarations are hereto annexed, have been known to us for some years, and are persons of veracity and good repute.