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Mawr is both an electoral ward and a community of the City and County of Swansea, in south Wales, U.K. Mawr has its own elected community council.

Usage examples of "mawr".

As far as I could tell, this Meldryn Mawr, whoever he might be, was monarch of a modest wooden cattle pen.

Meldryn Mawr has hundreds of these scattered from one end of the realm to the other.

The horn sounded again and Meidryn Mawr himself appeared, a very Sun King: his clothing was immaculate, and his countenance brilliant.

Then, if the Vedeii make trouble over this, they have Meldryn Mawr to answer to, not just Rhiogan.

Of course, Meidryn Mawr, who had decreed the exile in the first place, was not happy about this.

Were the stars in the sky twice as many, the friends of Meidryn Mawr would still outnumber them.

Queen Merian was a most noble woman-a match for Meidryn Mawr in every way.

You said I was there because Ollathir and Meldryn Mawr wished it to be so.

Ollathir and Meldryn Mawr determined to have you there to bear witness to all that happened at the gathering.

And, indeed, it was Meidryn Mawr himself who appeared before us but a few moments later-haggard and red-eyed from lack of sleep, but it was he.

However it was, when Meldryn Mawr turned his back on the lowlands and set his face towards Findargad, six hundred souls followed in his train.

Meidryn Mawr had not fought beside his men, but he had watched the battle from the rampart until darkness stole the sight from his eyes.

Amidst the great jubilation of victory, King Meidryn Mawr stood and wept.

Whereupon the king, looking more like the Meldryn Mawr I had first encountered-all glittering and golden in his fmery-with little evidence of his recent illness, took his place at the head of his hail, and, with wide sweeps of his arms, motioned for all the people to gather and draw near.

At the first cry of murder, I whirled back to see Meidryn Mawr still sitting on his throne, head bowed forward, hands in his lap.