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Mazu (goddess)

Mazu (Pinyin: māzǔ ; ), also spelt Matsu and Ma-tsu, is the Chinese patron goddess who is said to protect seafarers, such as fishermen and sailors. The worship of Mazu began in the Song dynasty. Mazu is widely worshiped in the coastal regions of China, especially in Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Tianjin and Hainan. She is also worshiped in Taiwan and other places in East/Southeast Asia.

Her birthplace was Meizhou (湄州) in Putian County (莆田縣), Fujian Province. She was born in the year 960. Her family had the surname Lin (林). She had the name Lin Moniang . She died on 4 October 987. After her death, she was remembered as a young lady in a red dress, who would forever roam over the seas.


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Mazu (TV series)

Mazu is a 2012 mythology fantasy television series directed by Lu Qi and starring Liu Tao, Stephen Wong Ka-lok, and Yan Kuan. The television series also stars Roy Liu, Wei Zongwan, Zhao Hongfei, Coffee Lü, and Ruby Lin. It is based on the Chinese myths of Mazu.