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Mado (fish)

The mado (in New Zealand) or stripy or eastern footballer (in Australia), Atypichthys latus, is a species of sea chub found in inshore waters around southern Australia and the north eastern coast of the North Island of New Zealand to depths of about , off headlands and offshore islands. This species can reach a length of , though most do not exceed . This species can also be found in the aquarium trade.


Mado may refer to:

  • Mado, Burkina Faso, a village in south-western Burkina Faso
  • Mado (fish) (in New Zealand), Atypichthys latus, a species of perciform fish.
  • Mado (food company), abbreviation of "Maraş Dondurması", a Turkish cafe and restaurant chain, which is famous with its unique ice-cream
  • Mado Gashi (also Modogashe) is a small remote town in the Eastern Province of Kenya
  • Mado (film), a French-Italian film by Claude Sautet, premiered in 1976
  • Mado Lamotte, the stage name of Luc Provost, a Montreal drag queen
  • Mado Robin, (1918–1960), a French Soprano
  • Michio Mado (born 1909), a Japanese poet
  • Orpheus no Mado, a manga by Riyoko Ikeda

Mado is also the Creek and Seminole word for "thank you"

Mado (food company)

MADO is a Turkish ice cream brand and has over 250 branches working as cafes and restaurants all over the world. The brand gets its name from two words : " Maraş", the former name of the city where the firm is originated; and " Dondurma", the Turkish name used for ice-cream.

It was founded in 1850 by Yaşar Kanbur. The ice cream shop became a chain after 1991. It has more than 240 restaurants and cafes in Turkey and also has branches in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in Australia, Dubai, Beirut, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cyprus, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Iraq.

Mado (film)

Mado is a 1976 French drama film directed by Claude Sautet.

Usage examples of "mado".

Or when they do, it will be in line with Yatol Bardoh, we hear, to take de place from Yatol Mado Wadon.

Yatol Mado Wadon, the logical successor to the dead Chezru Chieftain as Yatol of Jacintha, might soon be challenged, forcefully so, by Yatol Tohen Bardoh.

It was not really his place, at this time, to lay the groundwork for Abbot Olin’s ascent to the leadership of Jacintha, but rather, to measure the level of desperation within Yatol Mado Wadon and use that desperation to pave the way for the first forays into Behren.

Mackaront recognized clearly that Mado Wadon was not pleased by his announced plans for Peridan and De Hamman, and that the Jacintha leader understood exactly what was going on here.

Mado Wadon now openly asks for whatever assistance we can offer, and rumor flies throughout Jacintha that he is looking west for help as well, to the Dragon of To-gai and her fierce warriors.

Soon after, one of the refugees was brought to see the Yatol of Jacintha, and so battered and dirty was the man that Yatol Mado Wadon at first did not recognize him—not until he spoke.

No more so than Yatol Mado Wadon would allow me to march ten thousand To-gai-ru riders into Jacintha, whatever pretense we placed upon our visit.

Before the questioning of those on the leading edge of the refugee line had even begun, Yatol Mado Wadon understood the implications.

The Madone was too difficult to train on all the time, but it was a great test of fitness.