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At the end of it, Magg gestured toward an open portal and silently withdrew.

It was Magg himself, come with the shoemaker, who stood humbly behind him.

Taran sat down on a wooden stool and, as Magg departed from the chamber, the shoemaker drew near.

Casting caution aside, fearful he would lose track of Magg, Taran broke into a run.

Taran, left blinking in the sudden darkness, sought to clamber down before Magg should come upon him, but could find no foothold.

He could hear Magg scrabbling up the far side and let himself fall among the rocks.

Overhead, Magg lowered himself from the mass of stones and passed no more than a dozen paces from the two crouching figures.

His green eyes followed the retreating Magg and his lips drew tightly against his teeth in the lean smile of a stalking wolf.

Eilonwy, he knew, would not be safe so long as Magg had the freedom of the castle.

Taran was nearly beside himself when the servitor at last returned with tidings that Magg appeared to be nowhere in the castle, nor could Eilonwy be found.

Mona, we never needed a war leader, and it seemed quite in order to give Magg the honorary title.

Among the green and gentle slopes ran broken, pebbly trails, where the fleeing Magg might have passed and where clues would be invisible to the eyes of even the most able tracker.

If I know the Princess, Magg has already begun to regret stealing her away.

At the bow stood Magg, his face contorted with hate, shaking his fist at the crumbling fortress.

Why was that sneering scoundrel, Magg, allowed to escape from the Castle of Llyr?