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abbr. masculine

Usage examples of "masc".

Even the night, realm of devils and beasts, was no proof against the villagers' frenzy to catch the masc, Elen, the pretty witch who had spurned all of them, who had married Gilles-bad-teeth, and had birthed his brats.

She needed to become not a masc like her mother, but a great sorceress.

The women's accusations—that she was a masc, a sorceress—had been only a beginning.

She was (or so Jerome had told her father) not only a masc, but the consort of the old magus, a participant in ancient rites of a sexual nature.

Rote learning suffices for a masc or a priest, but a sorceress must understand what she does.

A masc may know a few spells, and herbs that bring fever or allay it, but a spell or two do not make a masc a sorceress.

The masc who eats amanita mushrooms and nightshade feels like she is flying, and when she arises sober from her bed, her subsequent actions are influenced by what she saw and did when she flew.

This time it was sitting in this very conference room five years ago, getting the report from Admiral Masc of the Tenth Fleet that Betazed had fallen to the Dominion.