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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Maad \Maad\, obs. p. p. of Make. Made.

Usage examples of "maad".

And after soper pleyen he bigan, And spak of myrthe amonges othere thynges, Whan that we hadde maad our rekenynges, And seyde thus: "Now lordynges, trewely, Ye been to me right welcome hertely, For by my trouthe, if that I shal nat lye, I saugh nat this yeer so myrie a compaignye Atones in this herberwe, as is now.

I yow relesse, madame, into youre hond Quyt every surement and every bond, That ye han maad to me as heer biforn, Sith thilke tyme which that ye were born.

Looke, what day that endelong Britayne Ye remoeve alle the rokkes, stoon by stoon, That they ne lette shipe ne boot to goon, I seye, whan ye han maad the coost so clene Of rokkes that ther nys no stoon ysene, Thanne wol I love yow best of any man!