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Mató is a fresh cheese of Catalonia made from cows' or goats' milk, with no salt added.

It is usually served with honey, as a traditional and emblematic Catalan dessert known as mel i mató.


The Maťo was an 8-bit personal computer produced in the former Czechoslovakia by Štátny majetok Závadka š.p., Závadka nad Hronom. Their primary goal was to produce a personal computer as cheaply as possible, and therefore it was also sold as a self-assembly kit. It was basically a modified PMD 85, but without backward compatibility. This, combined with its late arrival to the market, made the MAŤO a commercial failure.


Matō is a surname in the Fate/stay night series and can refer to the family name, or in reference to one of the following characters:

  • Shinji Matō a Master from Fate/stay night
  • Sakura Matō Shinji's adopted sister
  • Zōken Matō a villainous Master in the Heaven's Feel scenario of stay night, Shinji's grandfather, father to Kariya and Byakuya
  • Kariya Matō from Fate/zero prequel, Shinji's uncle, Zoken's son, Byakuya's brother
  • Byakuya Matō, Shinji's father, Zoken's son, Kariya' brother