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Etymology 1 vb. (context transitive obsolete English) To mutilate. Etymology 2

  1. (context British slang originally Polari English) disgusting, repulsive. n. (context British slang originally Polari English) Something that is disgusting or manky.


Mank is a town in the district of Melk in the Austrian state of Lower Austria.

Usage examples of "mank".

When Karri began to strain against them, Mank slicked his aching cock and pushed into his smaller lover steadily.

Soon, the muscle relaxed, Karri released his breath and wriggled a little, encouraging Mank to continue.

Their eyes met as Mank stroked himself once through the thick fabric of his long tunic.

Another quick glance told him that Mank was wrestling a smile though he seemed to be winning.

Then Stft stood, turning his back to Mank, stepping out of his loincloth and then bending at the waist to brace himself on a wide shelf.

Yai, still staring in voyeuristic fascination, heard Mank chuckle dryly.

Yai pulled away from Karl who stood, mouth gaping, looking at Tryl and then at Mank, who stood a few paces behind him.

Tryl nodded at Mank who was on the newcomer in a flash, taking him to the cool carpet of grass with a flying tackle.

Tryl turned to help Mank lift Karl to his feet, the young man wearing out, though still struggling.

Karl tossed his head back and forth, moving so much that Mank had to pin one thigh with his own to hold him in place.

He pronounced it Car-rhi, as Mank had done, simply replacing the letter L with an R and I.

Only one jerky thrust and Mank was coming, too, stars flashing before his eyes.

Tryl looked up as Mank joined him, settling next to him above the bank of a shallow stream where the two slaves splashed and chattered.

Some part of Tryl noted that Stft took over the prisoner while Mank moved forward, picking up his despondent slave, purring to him and offering comfort.

Tryl had parted company with Mank moments ago, knowing that Mank needed to go to his little curly headed slave.