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Mari (goddess)

Mari, also called Mari Urraca, Anbotoko Mari ("the lady of Anboto"), and Murumendiko Dama ("lady of Murumendi") was a goddess—a lamia—of the Basques. She was married to the god Sugaar (also known as Sugoi or Maju). Legends connect her to the weather: when she and Maju travelled together hail would fall, her departures from her cave would be accompanied by storms or droughts, and which cave she lived in at different times would determine dry or wet weather: wet when she was in Anboto; dry when she was elsewhere (the details vary). Other places where she was said to dwell include the chasm of Murumendi, the cave of Gurutzegorri ( Ataun), Aizkorri and Aralar, although it is not always possible to be certain which Basque legends should be considered to pertain to the same lamia.


Mari may refer to:

Mari (singer)

Mari Youngblood (born Mary Schreck), also called Mari, is a female soprano vocalist. She is mostly known for her role as Helena on Kamelot's Epica and The Black Halo albums, along with her live performance on One Cold Winter's Night album and DVD. Mari has also performed as lead in numerous musicals, including Kismet, Teko, Bismil, Oklahoma, Brigadoon and many more. Mari is married to Kamelot's guitarist Thomas Youngblood .

Mari (given name)

Mari is a feminine given name in the Breton, Japanese, Estonian, Hungarian, Finnish, Welsh, Swedish and Norwegian languages. Also, its a devotional given name in Tamil. It can be seen as a cognate of Mary in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish.

Mari (Nestorian patriarch)

Mari bar Toba was Patriarch of the Church of the East from 987 to 999.

Usage examples of "mari".

Les occasions ne lui ont cependant pas manque, ce qui ne doit pas te surprendre, beau garcon, officier brillant, heritier presume de Gaston, il avait tout pour faire un gendre et un mari desirables.

Mari, the mathematician, for the navigation of the Mincio from Mantua to Peschiera.

Maris had all that many chances to sashay along the shopping aisles of Fourteen as if she were a toppie herself, somebody who belonged there.

Maris said in her best toppie voice, a little husky still from the searing mouthful of soup.

She did what she had been doing since the day Mari plucked her from the elite training that her mentor and savior, Balthazar, was providing her.

A work of fiction should carry the hall mark of its author as surely as a Goya, a Daumier, a Velasquez, and a Mathew Maris, should be the unmistakable creations of those masters.

The Baits and the Mordivians, the Udmurts and the Mari, the Tartars and the Kirgiz, and many others rose in rebellion.

Sometimes it seemed Sahra could exist in a world of books and never need human companionship- or realize Marita might need her companionship.

Their new life had been hardest on Sahra, Marita thought, so very bright, yet unable to adjust to constant uncertainty and danger.

Sahra had almost finished her next manuscript, a reply quite adroitly done, Marita thought.

So Marita bought books, even if she had to skip a few meals to afford them.

For that matter, Marita thought, balancing her watered wine on her stomach, it frightened her too.

The faint aroma of damp wool drifted over to Marita as his cloak followed it.

Taverik pulled the armchair closer to Marita and peered quizzically at her.

Sahra had even begged Marita not to go on any more caravans ever again.