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n. (context archaic English) madam; a polite term of address for a lady.


Marm may refer to:

  • Schoolmarm, a female teacher
  • a female Fuddy-duddy
  • Fredericka Mandelbaum (1818–1894), New York entrepreneur and criminal fence to many of the street gangs and criminals of the city's underworld, often called "Marm"

Usage examples of "marm".

Well, arter gropin' about awhile, at last I got hold of the string and lifted the latch and walked in, and there sot old Marm Blake, close into one corner of the chimbley fireplace, a-see-sawin' in a rockin' chair, and a half grown black house-help, half asleep in t'other corner, a-scroudgin' up over the embers.

Marm Hudspeth bent over the flames, cooking his dinner, this task taking more Life than a catalyst has.

Opening a conduit to Marm Hudspeth, Father Tolban gave the magus sufficient Life to envelop the two catalysts in a cozy globe of warmth that made Saryon feel as though he were sitting in a bubble of flame.

Marm Hudspeth muttered, peering at the abandoned, tumbledown hovel that had been Joram's home with an eager gleam in her eye.

Marm Hastings interrupted, speaking to Chris Plout, 'Where does this JJ-180 originate, Plout?