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Maun (island)

Maun is an island in the Adriatic Sea located southwest of Pag and northeast of Olib. Its area is .


Maun may refer to:

  • Maun, Botswana, a town in Botswana
  • River Maun, a river in England
  • Maun (island), an island in the Adriatic Sea
  • Maun (surname)
    • Ernie Maun, American baseball player
    • Danny Maun, English rugby league player

Usage examples of "maun".

There never was woman yet, young or auld, that was ill-set to a sodger, forbye yon randy Jael, wha maun hae been an unco trial to her man.

There canna be muckle nourishment in sic a thin soil, but there maun be something that agrees wi' them.

For trouble she maun hae, and trouble she wull get--I thank my God, who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not!

I ken a' the w'ys o' the place, and that they'll lea' me plenty o' time for the bairnie: ye maun jist lat me step again intil my ain auld place!

He thought about the multidenominational church in Maun and how nice it would be to talk to the priests who came in to conduct services.