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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a maze of passages (=many passages, in which it is easy to get lost)
▪ We wandered through a maze of passages.
▪ Now they are on the dole with no compensation, or redundancy and their pensions have been lost in the Maxwell maze.
▪ The piste disappeared and I stood lost in a maze of tyre-tracks, which shot in every direction.
▪ When lost deep in a maze, whistle bravely.
▪ Imagine that you are lost in a maze.
▪ Its importance in enabling people to use lawyers to guide them through the baffling maze of legal rules is self-evident.
▪ Players search for the princess by uncovering clues, solving puzzles and navigating a medieval maze.
▪ Street selling has always centered in the downtown historic district, a maze of narrow streets and crumbling colonial buildings.
▪ The answer probably lies in the complex maze of hype, distribution and luck which makes up today's rock biz.
▪ They had pursued it through the maze of backstreets until unaccountably losing it in a cul-de-sac.
▪ Tolman placed three groups of rats in a maze.
▪ We went on a tour of the ancient manuscripts, the antique mazes.
▪ You must learn to find your way through the menu maze before you can use the program efficiently.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Maze \Maze\ (m[=a]z), n. [OE. mase; cf. OE. masen to confuse, puzzle, Norweg. masast to fall into a slumber, masa to be continually busy, prate, chatter, Icel. masa to chatter, dial. Sw. masa to bask, be slow, work slowly and lazily, mas slow, lazy.]

  1. A wild fancy; a confused notion. [Obs.]

  2. Confusion of thought; perplexity; uncertainty; state of bewilderment.

  3. A confusing and baffling network, as of paths or passages; an intricacy; a labyrinth. ``Quaint mazes on the wanton green.''

    Or down the tempting maze of Shawford brook.

    The ways of Heaven are dark and intricate, Puzzled with mazes, and perplexed with error.

  4. A complex and confusing system or set of rules that causes bwilderment; as, a maze of environemntal regulations.

    Syn: Labyrinth; intricacy. See Labyrinth.


Maze \Maze\, v. i. To be bewildered. [Obs.]


Maze \Maze\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mazed; p. pr. & vb. n. Mazing.] To perplex greatly; to bewilder; to astonish and confuse; to amaze.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "delusion, bewilderment" (also as a verb, "stupefy, daze"), possibly from Old English *mæs, which is suggested by the compound amasod "amazed" and verb amasian "to confound, confuse" (see amaze). Perhaps related to Norwegian dialectal mas "exhausting labor," Swedish masa "to be slow or sluggish." Meaning "labyrinth" first recorded late 14c.


n. A labyrinth; a puzzle consisting of a complicated network of paths or passages, the aim of which is to find one's way. vb. 1 to amaze, astonish, bewilder 2 to daze, stupefy, or confuse

  1. n. complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost [syn: labyrinth]

  2. something jumbled or confused; "a tangle of government regulations" [syn: tangle, snarl]


Maże is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Kalinowo, within Ełk County, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in northern Poland. It lies approximately north-east of Kalinowo, east of Ełk, and east of the regional capital Olsztyn.

Before 1945 the area was part of Germany ( East Prussia).

Maze (band)

Maze are an American soul / quiet storm band, also known alternately as Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly and Frankie Beverly & Maze, was established in San Francisco, California in the late 1970s.

Maze (solitaire)

Maze is a Patience game using a deck of 52 playing cards. Although the words maze and labyrinth are synonymous with each other, this game and the solitaire game of Labyrinth should not be confused with each other because they are different in the manner of game play and dealing. In fact, this game is more akin to another solitaire game, Gaps, though less mechanical.

Maze (disambiguation)

A maze is a type of puzzle that consists of a complex branching passage through which the solver must find a route. See also: Celtic maze.

Maze or The Maze may also refer to:

Maze (novel)

is a fantasy light novel series featuring both sex-based humor and mecha themes. It was adapted into an anime version that was first released as an OVA then a full length TV series and finally as a sequel movie. The OVA and anime TV series versions were licensed in North America by Central Park Media and released on DVD under their Software Sculptors label. The TV series has aired on Comcast's Anime Selects On Demand channel multiple times. The manga has not been released in the North America.

Maze (film)

Maze is a 2000 romance film about a New York painter and sculptor—Lyle Maze ( Rob Morrow)—with Tourette syndrome (TS) and obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), who falls in love with Callie ( Laura Linney), the pregnant girlfriend of Maze’s best friend Mike ( Craig Sheffer) while Mike is away on a long stay in Africa as a doctor.

Maze (electoral ward)

Maze (, 'the plain') is an electoral ward, (and a townland), in the Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council (formerly Lisburn City Council) area of Northern Ireland. It predominantly lies in County Down although its northwestern corner lies in County Antrim, the division being the River Lagan. The Maze electoral ward consists of the settlements of Mazetown, Long Kesh, Culcavy, Aghnatrisk, Halftown and Ravernet. In 2001, there were 3393 residents in the electoral ward.

Maze (Kumi Koda song)

"Maze" (stylized as "m•a•z•e") is Kumi Koda's 6th domestic CD single. It was used in the NTV dramaPsycho Doctor (サイコドクター / SAIKODOKUTAA). The single charted at #25 on Oricon and stayed on the charts for five weeks.

The single's b-side, one, featured Japanese R&B singer LiSA, who would later feature both Koda Kumi and the Heartsdales in her song SWITCH. one was also placed on the corresponding album, grow into one.

Maze (surname)

Maze is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bill Maze, American politician
  • Bill Maze (tennis), American tennis player
  • Daniel Maze, Belgian film director
  • Irv Maze, American judge
  • Michael Maze, Danish table tennis player
  • Tina Maze, Slovenian skier
MAZE (album)

MAZE is an album by the Japanese rock band Nothing's Carved in Stone released on May 16, 2015. The album peaked at number eight on the Oricon charts.

Usage examples of "maze".

He walked aimlessly for a long time, moving into the heart of the Maze.

To the west rose the laval peak of Ancon Hill, sitting above the blend of modern and Spanish colonial buildings, above the busy new roads and the ancient maze of alleys and bazaars, above the living pot-pourri of Mestizos and Negroes, Chinese, Hindus and Europeans.

Within the pile of sand and soil and rock from which the pansies sprouted, were a maze of tiny crevices and caverns, and from each peeked the feathered head of an axolotl, speckled and foolish.

Without pausing he yanked her after him as he plunged into the narrow entrance of the dense, boxwood maze.

With his sensitive nostrils it was not particularly difficult for Bozo to track the Yathoon and their beasts through the maze of the foothills which rose before the soaring rampart of the Black Mountains.

Yet I did not see in what manner, in what quality, I could enjoy that treasure, and I found myself in a regular maze.

I opened a window and could have got down easily, but the result would have been that we should have been trapped in the maze of little courts around St.

Signaling to Dika that she was leaving for the night, she made her way through the maze of people.

Once in the system, he crawled through the maze of ductwork, until he came at last to the grille overlooking the room with the alcove and the rows of indentations on the alcove walls.

There was a produce market at one end of the defile, and a maze of corrals and sheds where bacts, dzo and mules were bought and sold at the other.

The grendel still remained out of sight farther up the maze of passages, but the buzz of its echolocation filled the back of her head with a fuzzy, scratchy feeling.

He lirruped and chirruped to the girl in the way the equestrienne invokes docility in a shy horse and led her through the maze of hovels until they debouched abruptly upon a glittering street.

It was slave-stealer country, smuggler country, and as they worked their way by pirogue down Bayou des Familles to Little Barataria Bayou, and from there through the low mazes of the marshlands, January and Natchez Jim took turns sleeping, and never let their hands be far from their completely illegal guns.

Occasionally, through gaps in the half-completed maze, Ganner could catch glimpses of their destination.

Blanche had gone in, Denoriel made his way back to the maze and Gated from there to Logres.