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Mata may refer to:

Mata (film)

Mata is a 2006 Kannada cult film written and directed by debutant director Guruprasad. It has an ensemble cast starring Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh, Vaijanath Biradar, Mandya Ramesh and others. The director himself has done a cameo in the movie. Mata is a black comedy. The movie primarily revolves around the events that occur within a contemporary matha/ mutts, which are revered as one of the most sacred institutions in India. The movie beautifully depicts that enlightenment is only possible if emotions like anger, lust, desire, etc. are overcome. With this movie, Guruprasad rose to fame in the industry. He has strictly opposed remakes of movies in Kannada and instead supports dubbing.

Mata (surname)

Mata, sometimes Matta, is a Portuguese and Spanish surname.

It may refer to:

  • Eduardo Mata (1942-1995), Mexican conductor and composer
  • Francisco Mata (1932-2011), Venezuelan singer and composer
  • Juan Mata (b. 1988), Spanish footballer currently playing for Manchester United
  • Mario Suárez Mata (b. 1987), Spanish footballer currently playing for Watford F.C.
  • Néstor Mata (b. 1926), Filipino journalist
  • Walner Mata, U.S. footballer

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Mata (1942 film)

Mata is a Bollywood film. It was released in 1942.

Usage examples of "mata".

At General Quarters they sat side by side, with Jeri controlling and Mata ready to take over.

But when it was over he could not avoid noticing Mata because she walked over, stood in front of him, addressed him humbly as her uncle and asked if he would care for a game of spat ball before supper?

Quinn, Firefly, Bon Marche, Dom Pedro, Cee Squared, Omega, El NidoThorby resolved to see how Mata was doingSaint Christopher, Vega, Vega Prime, Galactic Banker, Romany Lass .

Again, Mata Safi supplied a delightful shrug that reduced Manhattan to absolute unimportance.

All Mata Safi had to do was press home the name that she connected with both, to make sure that Ted only linked it with the latter.

He passed the envelope to Mata, so she could read the advertisement printed there.

So Ted was on his way from the Casino Monaco, with Mata Safi sweeping along beside him, her shoulders buried in a fur evening wrap that a waiter hurriedly produced the moment that she waved her finger.

Masked Ball that was being flung in this very neighborhood, according to the small talk that The Shadow, as Cranston, had heard between Ted Trent and Mata Safi.

At that moment, the chap with the black cloak and hat cut in and relieved Ted of Mata Safi, his present partner.

Equipped with a red mask that matched the maroon gown and wearing a tinsel crown, Mata was an excellent Isabella.

As the dance ended, Mata was quick to find a phone booth, where she hastily dialed a number.

The number that Mata had dialed was the same unlisted number that Johnny the waiter had called from The Cave.

When she drifted glances from the phone booth, Mata directed them out to the dance floor.

As she spoke, Mata was watching the girl in question, who was just beginning the next dance with Ted.

People were taking off their masks and getting their first full views of faces that had bothered them all evening, which applied particularly to Mata Safi and Susan Bigelow.