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n. 1 A suffix of Japanese ship names. 2 (context linguistics colloquial English) A diacritic ( ゜ ) used with Japanese kana to change an ''h'' to a ''p''. 3 A large, circular punctuation mark ( 。 ) used as a full stop in Japanese text.


Maru may refer to:

Maru (mythology)

Maru is a Maori war god, especially well known in southern New Zealand, where he replaces Tūmatauenga, the war god of the rest of New Zealand.

Maru is the son of Rangihore (god of rocks and stones) and the grandson of Māui. Maru's image was brought to New Zealand by Haungaroa.

He was also known as the god of wai maori (fresh water) like streams and rivers.


Măru may refer to several villages in Romania:

  • Măru, a village in Zăvoi Commune, Caraş-Severin County
  • Măru, a village in Logrești Commune, Gorj County
Maru (cat)

Maru (まる, Japanese: circle or round; born May 24, 2007) is a male Scottish Fold (straight variety) cat in Japan who has become popular on YouTube. , videos with Maru have been viewed over 300 million times. Videos featuring Maru have an average of 800,000 views each and he is mentioned often in print and televised media discussing Internet celebrities. Maru has been described as the "most famous cat on the internet."

Maru's owner posts videos under the account name 'mugumogu'. His owner is almost never seen in the videos, although the video titled is an exception. The videos include title cards in English and Japanese setting up and describing the events, and often show Maru playing in cardboard boxes, indicated by "I love a box!" in his first video.

In August 2013, Maru's owner adopted a two-month-old mixed-breed cat named Hana from a veterinarian. During the two-week trial period, Maru and Hana got along very well and Mugumogu decided to make Hana a new member of their family.

Maru (surname)

Maru is a surname found in the Kutch and Saurashtra regions in the state of Gujarat, India. The Maru word is used to identify the region of Marwar, from where the diaspora of people who use this surname claim origin.

  • The surname is found in the Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas, Kadia Kshatriyas, Gurjar Kshatriyas communities.
  • The surname is also found in Rajput community of Rajasthan.
  • Maru surname is also found in many scheduled castes of Gujarat - for example - Maru Vankar.
Maru (Irbid)

Maru is one of the main agricultural villages in Irbid Governorate, Jordan.

Usage examples of "maru".

International Greenpeace had made Yuduki Maru and her sister ships the focus of a whirlwind of controversy.

Only a handful of men aboard the Japanese freighter knew it, of course, but the Yuduki Maru would not be completing her voyage to the home islands.

Like her sister ship, the Akatsuki Maru, she had been an American cargo ship--sailing under the name Atlantic Crane--before her conversion to her new and highly specialized task.

Besides her usual crew of forty-five, the Yuduki Maru carried thirty armed guards.

Captain Koga, like most of his superiors, would have been far happier if a couple of Japanese Navy destroyers could have escorted Yuduki Maru on her long passage.

So far as any external threat was concerned, Yuduki Maru and Shikishima were alone on that wide, empty ocean.

Focusing world media attention on the threat presented by the Yuduki Maru and her cargo was a worthwhile cause certainly, but the voyage had rapidly degenerated into an unending tedium dragging on for day after day after sun-baked day.

For the past twenty-four hours, the Japanese plutonium ship Yuduki Maru, with two tons of weapons-grade plutonium aboard, has been off course.

If terrorists had indeed hijacked the Yuduki Maru, they were not likely to be sympathetic to U.

Only the SEALs could reach Yuduki Maru before she got close to a populated coast.

Huge areas of the coast, from Mogadishu to Cape Town, could be contaminated if the Yuduki Maru sank or caught fire.

Rumor had it that they had people planted inside the police personnel office who'd been able to reassign security force members, plant false IDs and fingerprint records, and even buy some of the officers of the government-subsidized company that owned Yuduki Maru and her cargo.

When Yuduki Maru had set sail from Cherbourg, ten of the seventy-five men aboard had been members of Eikyuni Shinananai Tori.

Perhaps because they hadn't been sure whether the course change was according to plan or not, Greenpeace had made no immediate announcement about the change in course, but as the Yuduki Maru had steadily neared the Madagascar coast, violating her pledge not to approach any coastline by less than two hundred miles, Beluga had radioed the news to the world.

KH-12 satellites had been tracking the Yuduki Maru almost continually since Thursday.