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Mape may refer to:

Usage examples of "mape".

Within moments, the nest had been destroyed in a wild frenzy, and Mape was squatting in the wreckage, urinating.

He knew Mape could tear his arms from his shoulders, were she so inclined.

Wellington Mape had taken his departure, Lem turned again to his vigil at the car window.

Wellington Mape, was apprehended by the police some weeks after Lem had been incarcerated in the state penitentiary.

Slowly, Mapes reached into the neck of her dress, brought out a dark sheath.

She directed the point toward Mapes, saw a fear greater than death-panic come over the woman.

Jessica lifted her hand from the door, turned, saw Mapes come to the foot of the stairs.

Again, Mapes cast a piercing stare at the oval door, and Jessica thought she detected loathing in the expression.

Before Jessica could ask about the door and what it concealed, Mapes had turned away, hurrying back down the hall.

It was Mapes, the Fremen housekeeper, her hair tumbled around her face, clothing disarrayed.

The smoke rose from the chimney of the small drawing-room at Mapes Court in a tall, unwavering plume, a hundred feet before its head drifted away in a blue mist to lie in the hollows of the downs behind the house.

Orville Mapes did look more like a hardware peddler than a weapons dealer.

He detested Mapes, detested everything the fat little death merchant stood for.

Dorothy Mapes vowed that every moment on Duneworld and every action would count.

Jesse was the patriarch of the Noble House, Dorothy Mapes took care of important business details and family matters.