How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word pgs

.gs a-mornings ablings addlings afterings allings amornings arisings arselings baaings babblings bags bangs bearings beaslings beastings beastlings beestings begs bellrags belongings biestings bigs billbugs bogs brags brandenburgs briggs brigs brings broadlings brushings bugs bungs buntings burgs butter-and-eggs cags carlings casings cat-harpings cavings changs chankings chewings chidlings chippings chitlings chitterlings coamings cock's-eggs cogs combings cracklings cross-bearings crosslegs crumblings cutlings dabbings dabblings daddy-long-legs dags dangs darklings degs diggings digs dings dish-washings dogs doings drags drawtongs dregs droppings drugs dungs e-catalogs earlings earnings easings eastlings efags efeclings eggs emberings emptings engs ergs evenings eyestrings faags fablings fags fastlings father-long-legs feastings feazings fegs figs firbolgs fire-tongs firstlings fixings flags flatlings fleetings fleischigs fleishigs fleshings fludgs fogs forty-legs frags frigs frogs fugs furnishings fustilugs gabblings gags gangs garblings gatelings gay-wings gaywings gelongs giggs gigs gleanings gogs goldworkings gregs groufflings grouflings grovelings grovellings grubblings grudgings grugings gs gubbings hags halflings halvelings handlings hangs harpings hastings haverings havings headlings headlongs heart-strings heartlings heartstrings hidlings higgs hinderlings hindlongs hiplings hoggs hogs hoistings hopperings housefurnishings housings hoystings hugs hundred-legs hustings i'fegs imaginings ings innings jabberings jackalegs jags jibbings jigs jogs jottings jougs juggs jugs kangs kibblings king-of-the-herrings kings knockings ladybugs lags lashings lazy-tongs leavings leggings legs lifelings lings lipperings lodgings logs longlegs longs losings lugs lungs lushings mags makings maywings measlings megs menavelings mezlings middlings migs milchigs mizzlings moeddings moneybags mongs moolings moreings mornings moslings mostlings mucking-togs mugs muskings nags needings needlings newlings nibelungs night-longs nigs nittings noselings nothings oddlegs oddlings orangs outgoings outstandings outsweepings pangs parings partlings pearlings peelings pegs pfennigs photogs pickings pigs pin-tongs pink-stockings pitchlongs platlings pleadings plugs pot-hangings progs pugs pungs rags ramblings ratlings rattlewings rattlings ravings redlegs regs rhodings rigs rings roughings roughstrings rowings rugs runnings saddlebags sags sangs scrapings scratchings screenings segs shags shakings shavings shear-legs sheerlegs shelligs shreadings shreddings shrogs sidelings sigs sings skegs skimpings slings slivings slugs snags songs soundings spandogs speerings spindlelegs splashings springs stags staupings stegs stemlings stings stradlings straykyngs streakings striddlings stridelegs stridlings strigs strings strokings surroundings swags sweepings swillings swings sydlyngs tags tailings taings takings tangle-legs tangs taplings tea-things thirdings thousand-legs three-farthings thrutchthings tidings tigs tings togs tongs trappings trigs trimmings troggs trogs trollibags trouserings underthings usbegs vags wags wanderings weatings westlings whittlings wigs wings winnings workings wrongs yearnings yellowlegs youngs