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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Togs \Togs\, n. pl. [See Toggery.] Clothes; garments; toggery. [Colloq. or Slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"clothes," 1779, plural of tog (q.v.).


n. 1 (plural of tog English) 2 (context UK plural only slang English) clothes. 3 (context with noun qualifier plural only English) clothes for a specific occasion or use. 4 (context Ireland Australia (Queensland) New Zealand plural only English) swimsuit, both the women's and men's tight-fitting type (in some regions referred to as "speedos"). vb. (en-third-person singular of: tog)


n. informal terms for clothing [syn: threads, duds]

Usage examples of "togs".

I moored the plane between two boulders and removed my flying togs to don regulation exploring clothes for Arctic weather.

I knew he could not hold off an attack for long, and I dragged on the flying togs I had discarded before climbing to Midgard plateau.

The black reminded him unpleasantly of the sports togs worn by Billig and his yes men.

Lucy, in fancy new togs as well, cried like a banshee during the ceremony.

Both wore sleeved white tunics that were dirty and bedraggled, and leather leggings and soft buskins of leather: riding togs, and not peasantish.

He wiped off his hands on his togs, hoisted the pack onto his back and the rifle over one shoulder.

Starfish wiped his hands on his togs, the tremor of his fingers calmed for a moment.

Clio wiped her hands on her togs, breathing deeply to keep the shakes away.

She stood, pulled the zipper of her flight togs down far enough to grasp the chain around her neck and pull out her dog tag.

She liked sashaying around in her sexy workout togs and thong bikinis.

Sally will take you to buy some good togs up West so you can come to it with us.

Once dry and in fresh togs, he succumbed to misery, letting go a moan of despair and sickness.

They came in country togs from the estates where the owners no longer needed field hands, or from the villages that had been wiped out by enclo- sure of public lands.