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n. (plural of jig English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: jig)

Jigs (band)

Jigs is a dansband, established in 1966 in Trollhättan, Sweden. The band scored several 1970s hits, with recordings of songs like Hallå du gamle indian, Bli min gäst, Dardanella, Let's Twist Again and From a Jack to a King. Their album series was named "Goa bitar". When the band played at Cortina in Vinberg on 16 July 1976, AC/DC appeared as a pause act.

Usage examples of "jigs".

He saw a large number of blacksno masks, no suits, only bubble caps and hippy-dip jackets like jigs in stories.

Picardy stared at the thicket of tents and jigs and tried to remember which way to turn.

On her right, she saw a forest of blue beamsthe big industrial jigs that held the fuselage barrels in place, while they were riveted together.

They broke clear of the forest of blue jigs, looked up, saw her, and started after her.

An exultant cheer went up from everyone, and they pounded each other upon the back and danced delirious jigs of triumph in the sunlight.

To one accustomed to the open movement of country jigs and reels the thing seemed the uttermost evil--the grinning masks, the white tranced female faces, the obscene postures, above all that witch-music as horrid as a moan of terror.

Roderick had outraged the hard by ordering the hanger-on musician Paddy-the-Tat from the kitchen to play his lively jigs and reels.

The girls and youths from the country danced jigs and reels around the fiddlers.