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n. (plural of erg English)

Usage examples of "ergs".

I opened my wings wider to catch the blazing gust of light at the same instant the ergs on the Startree below folded the heliosphere matrix, bending the plasma stream back against Aenea and me, decelerating both of us rapidly but not painfully so.

Blinking, I realized that the ergs had set the internal containment field at a comfortable one-sixth-g, pulling everyone toward the surface of the sphere, but then I noticed that the seats continued up and over and around the full interior of the sphere.

There were bubbles of containment-field atmosphere remaining, but most of the erg-fields had died along with the ergs who maintained them.

Het Masteen stood at the locus of a circle of organic control diskeys -- displays from the fiber-optic nerves running throughout the ship, holo displays from onboard, astern, and ahead of the treeship, a communicator nexus to put him in touch with the Templars standing duty with the ergs, in the singularity containment core, at the drive roots, and elsewhere, and the central holo-simulacrum of the treeship itself, which he could touch with his long fingers to call up interactives or change headings.

As the One Who Teaches told you, the Yggdrasill has no weapons and the ergs are our only defense.

Yggdrasill was allowed to drift in empty space for a few hours while the ergs rested and the rest of us tried to sleep.

Ket Rosteen and the Ousters handled the details, bringing down half a dozen ergs from their lair on the giant treeship.

Moebius cubes that had transported the ergs, the parked skimmer, the kitchen and laundry annexes next to the tower, part of the old chemistry building on the Endymion campus, several stone dwellings, precisely half of the bridge over the Pinion River, and a few million metric tons of rock and subsoil.

Otherwise time ergs in vast amounts would collect at one particular continuum and the result would be catastrophic.

The first two days had been bad enough, as the caravan had moved from the rocky plateau country down into the sandy wastes the local desert men called the ergs of the Jal-Pur.

But nothing on the parched ergs or the wind-blasted scarps of the Sahara had prepared him for the heat behind that bread oven.

And in our Island here, I have five hundred thousand million separate power plants, each generating at the rate of decillions of ergs a second, backing this ship.