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n. (plural of sing English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: sing)

Sings (Emilie-Claire Barlow album)

Sings is the first album by the Canadian jazz singer and voice actress Emilie-Claire Barlow. It was released in 1998.

Sings (Emi Tawata album)

Sings is the first album to be released by Emi Tawata under label Techesko The CD contains several songs she had released before on an EP or a single. The songs "Naturally" and "Into You" have a complete new arrangement thanks to the Soul Infinity band. Also "Can't Reach" has been remixed and has new vocals. The album includes a cover of "Joy To The World" which was used in the Suzuki Splash commercial. The CD+DVD version is limited to 10,000 copies. The DVD track list was released on 1 October. The name of the DVD is Sings: Soulgraphy2006-2009 and includes all her released PVs, several interviews and live performances. The album charted on the weekly Oricon charts at #111 and sold 1,699 copies so far.

Sings (Conway Twitty album)

Sings (i.e., Conway Twitty Sings, not to be confused with a later album in 1966 that also used that title) is the debut album from Conway Twitty, released in 1959.

Three of the songs on the album were released as singles and became hits, with the biggest being " It's Only Make Believe," which reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Story of My Love" and a cover of the Nat King Cole song " Mona Lisa" both reached the top 40. The album itself made no impact on any charts.

Usage examples of "sings".

He always walks under a bright moon and sings to the Virgin, her sister.

Whenever and wherever he sings multitudes flock to hear him, and no one goes away unsatisfied.

One prima donna of my acquaintance occupies herself in trimming hats on the day when she sings, believing that this provides a distraction and rests her nerves.

So the more one sings with good breath support the more beautiful the voice becomes.

Yet such is far from the case, for it seems as though the greater the artistic temperament the more truly the artist feels and the more of himself he puts into the music he sings the greater his nervousness beforehand.

Still, she feels that it is a charm which has made her success, and whether she sings the part of a lowly peasant or of a princess the bracelet is always visible.

Jovah will understand, and forgive, and listen to whatever voice sings beside you.

I prefer the winter sings, actually, because I like to exist by firelight.

She will bring the wrath of Jovah down upon us if she sings on the Plain of Sharon.

She sings now, and she will ward the Avarinheim with the strength of her protection.

But she Sings a strong three quarters and has proven ability in Singing the fifth kigh.

Imperial bard who Sings all four quarters and you may remain alone in this ability for some time.

French mother sings who is darning socks by a cradle, and rocking her baby to sleep with her foot.

In a short time he has a rigid throat, and the longer he sings the more rigid it becomes.

If the student sings a wrong pitch it is because he has thought a wrong pitch, and this is true to a large extent at least, if his tone quality in not good.