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n. (plural of mong English)

Usage examples of "mongs".

And if the Mongs see the lights they will come to investigate and I, for one, have had enough of fighting Mongs for one day.

He was killed by Mongs when I was only a child and no one has ever called me that since.

Blade watched the long lines of captive Mongs, squatting patiently on the plain behind the city, move toward the executioner.

It was amazing how much the Mongs and Caths had come to know about each other after so many years of fighting.

He must somehow stop this eternal war between the Mongs and the Caths so he would have freedom of movement.

There was no sign of overt hostility from the Mongs, only silence and dark looks.

His head struck the rock, and the plain and the silent Mongs vanished in a scarlet flash.

I come from Pukka, sent as special envoy by the High Emperor of all the Caths, to replace the Low Emperor, Mei Saka, and find out why you Mongs cannot be defeated.

Yet they are still brother and sister and, until one of them is dead, they must rule the Mongs together.

Captain of all the Mongs and high servant to Khad Tambur, Scourge of the World and Shaker of the Universe.

Two Mongs stood guard, flanking a fascia of lances thrust into the earth.

Crowds of Mongs came every day to jeer and jabber at him and to poke sharp sticks into the cage.

The Mongs had to pick up the ring on their lance points at full gallop.

Rahstum summoned another half-dozen Mongs the door of the cage was opened.

There is unrest among the Mongs, and dissatisfaction, but the Tamburs have ruled them for a thousand years and no one yet has courage to go against them.