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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300 (implied in surname Dryngedregges), from Old Norse dregg "sediment," from Proto-Germanic *drag- (cognates: Old High German trestir, German Trester "grapeskins, husks"), from PIE *dher- (1) "to make muddy." Replaced Old English cognate dræst, dærst "dregs, lees." Figurative use is from 1530s.


n. 1 (''collectively'') The sediment settled at the bottom of a liquid; the lees in a container of unfiltered wine. 2 (context figuratively the dregs English) The worst and lowest part of something.


n. sediment that has settled at the bottom of a liquid [syn: grounds, settlings]


Dregs may refer to:

  • Sediment in wine, beer, Turkish coffee or other beverage
  • Dregs of Humanity, an episode of the It's Your Move TV series
  • Audio Dregs, an independent music label
  • Dixie Dregs (a.k.a. The Dregs), a jazz fusion band
  • Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, a post-rock/ shoegaze trio formed in Kobe, Japan in 2002

Usage examples of "dregs".

Calumet Street enters a slum where dregs settle to a small Skid Row, no less pitiable than the massive human swamps in New York, London, Moscow, Chicago, Calcutta.

Chapter Twenty Four: The Dregs of the Cup Saladin looked at them, but gave them no greeting.

Say, Franks, are you prepared to drink the dregs of that cup I promised you?

Hari swiftly learned that he was safer amon, the dregs of the Mission District than he was with his father.

Leaning back, she emptied the dregs of cha over his boot, smiled, looked up at him, smiled again, saying nothing.

I, who had thrown over the last weak dregs of Christian belief long ago, should care what a passel of pretentious, self-important priests thought or how they occupied their idle days seemed a peculiar absurdity, even to me.

Most of the boys were already stripping armor, and the general ordered a cohort to go and finish off the dregs, you know.

Diet convenes, and we from the Outer Systems may find ourselves eating the half-dead dregs, which would be unfortunate.

He sucked in a deep gulp of the scented air, conscious of a wisp of an idea crouching forlornly in the dregs of his brain.

The dregs of the dream rinsed around the base of my mind, seeking connection with something more substantial.

Wardani had in any case retreated behind her sunlenses the moment she sat down, and Schneider was brooding intently on the dregs in his coffee cup.

He was all sweaty, his hair was rumpled, and someone had dumped the dregs of the wine pot over his head.

He swirled the dregs, staring into the cup like a conjureman of the old religion who could read fortunes from such leavings.