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n. (plural of mug English)

Usage examples of "mugs".

She nodded toward Justen, who sat up with a twitch at the thump of the mugs on the table.

The serving boy reclaimed the mugs and the coin that rested beside them.

Kenric scowled, wondering how many more mugs of ale it would take to silence the voice in his head.

He set down two mugs of ale, a bowl of melted cheese, and a basket of Phallic Delights.

Sebastian grabbed two mugs and set them on the counter near the stove.

Toe tapping the chipped linoleum, he pushed the basket and beer mugs aside and went for broke.

Carrying the mugs to the table, Zoey flopped down in a chair, groaned, then pushed herself up again to check the hallway for James Bond, Jr.

Lenny placed the two mugs upside-down on an even piece of ground while I nuzzled him for more sweets.

Curiosity drew him over to the group, and when he saw me being held by the collar and the twin mugs set on the ground before me, he screwed up his brow in a puzzled frown.

I stepped towards the mugs, kicked the empty one over with a paw and trotted away in search of a dark hole in which to bury myself.

There were several photos of him -- mugs and surveillance -- from all angles and over several years.

Sandra Kay plucked three tall stoneware mugs from the display shelves, wiped out any dust with paper towels, and we drank thirstily.

Freed from the wheel, Tom had gone to pulling handles for the mugs and moved back and forth between the two sheds, keeping them caught up.

The heat and the acid would leach lead right into the tea, which is why Nordan Pottery no longer sold soup mugs and coffee cups except surreptitiously to collectors who knew better than to use them in daily life.

Robert corked the whiskey bottle and gathered the mugs with an offended air.