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n. (plural of tag English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tag)


TAGS can refer to :

  • The Andy Griffith Show
  • (Ag--Ge--Sb--Te) thermoelectric material
  • Transparent Armor Gun Shield
Tags (Unicode block)

Tags is a Unicode block containing formatting characters.

U+E0001, U+E0020–U+E007E, and U+E007F were originally intended for invisibly tagging texts by language but that use is no longer recommended. All of those characters were deprecated in Unicode 5.1.

With the release of Unicode 8.0, U+E0020–U+E007E are no longer deprecated characters. The change was made "to clear the way for the potential future use of tag characters for a purpose other than to represent language tags". Unicode states that "the use of tag characters to represent language tags in a plain text stream is still a deprecated mechanism for conveying language information about text".

With the release of Unicode 9.0, U+E007F is no longer a deprecated character. (U+E0001 LANGUAGE TAG remains deprecated.)

Usage examples of "tags".

Dylan Ebdus and Mingus Rude like figures stepping through mists of silence every few weeks to read a comic book or fool around with tags in ballpoint, dry runs, rehearsals for something else.

The white kid and the black kid take turns playing lookout while the other tags up.

The black kid kneels at the stinky form and tags up, managing despite the drag of the felt on the blackened synthetic: in a moment the thing is done and they both spring away, amazed.

It also ensures that the sides of the building form a constantly updated museum of tags from every corner of the borough, a showcase for rival tribes in temporary collaboration.

Their acting out inside the showroom is more covert: stealing fake fruit and scribbling tiny tags here and there on the cardboard displays.

Symbols had formed for all three of them, binding their icons, complete with tags, and the linear words together-even though the tags and the linear words still connected to nothing else.

When the infotrope compared the memory of the raw gestalt data for the tags Blanca was sending with the address the innate geometry networks computed when the orphan caught sight of ver a moment later, parts of the two sequences matched up, almost precisely.

Ve floated off slowly down one of the tunnels, reading :III the tags from the jeweled path.

Inoshiro opened vis mouth and spewed out some random tags of propositional calculus.

The tags from vis knees reporting the texture of the ground became an irritating, monotonous stream, and the strange fixed shape forced upon vis icon grew even more annoying-perhaps because they both mirrored vis frustration so well.

The neutron stars broadcast gestalt tags with their current orbital parameters, while points on the spiral at regular intervals offered past and future versions.

Translating the gestalt tags into suitable audiovisual equivalents looked like it would be the hardest part, but there turned out to be a centuries-old tool in the library for doing just that.

Milky Way, every star labeled with gestalt tags indicating mass and velocity.

A characteristic image, possibly accompanied by gestalt tags, identifying some piece of software, such as a citizen.

Loemanako, face mostly a mask of shredded flesh pocked with the green tags where the rapid regrowth bios were embedded.