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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pleadings \Plead"ings\, n. pl. (Law) The mutual pleas and replies of the plaintiff and defendant, or written statements of the parties in support of their claims, proceeding from the declaration of the plaintiff, until issue is joined, and the question made to rest on some single point.


n. (plural of pleading English)

Usage examples of "pleadings".

With that, there was a thick thwack as the envelope landed on yet another pile of pleadings on one of the cabinets.

So you make a motion, say, for judgment on the pleadings, I stay discovery.

A judgment on the pleadings would have declared victory for Robbie on the sole basis of his complaint and McManis's answer, something that rarely occurred.

He seemed to understand nothing but the fact that a plaintiff's motion for judgment on the pleadings was virtually never granted.

You'll say, Why don't you do both, revise your Pleadings, and write your History too?

What a Pleasure is it to me, that I have not only kept clear in my Pleadings, not only of clandestine Bargains, Gifts, Presents, but even the Offers of my Friends!

But when, on the other hand, he contemplated the destruction that threatened him from the vengeance of the Marquis, and then considered the advantages that were offered him of favour, freedom, and probably fortune, terror and temptation contributed to overcome the pleadings of humanity, and silence the voice of conscience.

See what they're doing here is they moved to dismiss our complaint under Rule 12 but they stuck some other documents in there where if this judge has to go look beyond the pleadings at these other affidavits their motion to dismiss gets converted automatically into a motion for summary judgment under Rule 56 where the court reaches a decision without going to trial once there's no more questions of facts for some jury to dick around with, get these cleared up in an Amended Bill of Particulars and your depositions and.

Demand a jury trial within ten days after the pleadings and they've got one, a perfect forum.

Before the pretrial conference stage in these proceedings was reached, defendant filed a motion to dismiss under Rule 12(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or in the alternative for summary judgment under Rule 56, submitting therewith certain affidavits and collateral supporting documents outside the pleadings affirming that no material issues of fact were in dispute and that given these undisputed facts one party was entitled to judgment on the law wherewith the district judge construed defendant's motion as one for summary judgment and so held.

Their leisured world had been turned topsy-turvy, and their pleadings, prayers and advice availed nothing against the powerful forces sweeping them along.

To all his pleadings, came the same answer: "You are not fit to join a war party.

This business consists in condemning without proof, without any pleadings, and scarcely any examination, in a hurry, in batches, whoever the Committee of Public Safety might send to them, even the most confirmed Montagnards: Danton, who contrived the tribunal, will soon discover this.

Fancying, probably, like other young men of his age and condition, that he could play a similar part and thus emerge from his blind alley, he published law pleadings for effect, contended for Academy prizes, and read papers before his Arras colleagues.