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Usage examples of "vags".

The vags were driven back up the slopes on either side of the approach road.

Marlowe figured that they had to be less spectacular cousins to the urban vampires or the bands of mansonards who roamed the deepest badlands terrifying the vags and the joads and indulging their preoccupation with rape and murder and, according to rumor, the occasional piece of cannibalism and the odd human sacrifice.

These were the vags, the bums, the wineheads and the wetbrains from the Bowery, the Sneaky Pete drinkers and the Sweet Lucy lovers, the ones who filtered bottles of after-shave lotion down through a loaf of pumpernickel, the ones who drank canned heat and panther sweat, the ones who had left too many pieces of themselves in too many bars for too many years.

They stopped the vags and bums and homeless roamers at the city limits while, inside, it seemed like every block had its squad of uniformed cops, private security or rubberroom squads of parapsychs to deal with flips, screamers and the silently berserk.