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n. (plural of stag English)

Usage examples of "stags".

It was true that the woodland stags were not easy to stalk, but Macnab had shown himself a mighty artist.

Hares appeared, and stags and more vixlets, some mated and running in pairs.

With his visor down, his face could not be seen, but his surcoat was dark green with a yellow crest of rearing stags, and his cloak was chevroned in strips of dark and pale fur.

Winter Orion hunted the stags in the wood, but when Spring came he put his bow away.

And to the lonely magnificence of the downs they came when the stags are feeding on dewy grasses, before men are awake.

There was in a flint-built house in the village of Erl an ancient Chronicle, a volume bound in leather, and in it at certain seasons folk wrote all manner of things, the wisdom of farmers concerning the time to sow, the wisdom of hunters concerning the tracking of stags, and the wisdom of prophets that told of the way of Earth.

He said the best time was early in the season when the stags were on the upper ground, for it seemed that Machray had uncommonly fine high pastures.

Angus reported that he had already seen several stags clear of velvet.

I saw two shootable stags, and managed to get within range of one of them, but spared him for the good of the forest, as he was a young beast whose head would improve.

I searched all the ground with my glasses, and picked up several lots of hinds, and a few young stags, but there was no sign of human activity.

There was a big drove of hinds on the right bank of the burn, and another lot, with a few small stags, on the left bank, well up on the face of Bheinn Fhada.

We had another spy, and made out two small lots of stags on the other side of the Alt-na-Sidhe.

Medina could not ascend the corrie without disturbing these deer--a batch of some thirty hinds, with five small and two fairish stags among them.

Presently I saw them become restless, first the hinds and then the small stags lifting their heads and looking towards the Pinnacle Ridge.

Brytha had instantly volunteered for this, before Darkwind could ask any of the other stags to carry him.