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Giggs may refer to:

Giggs (rapper)

Nathaniel Thompson (born 11 May 1983), better known by his stage name Giggs, is an English rapper from London. Giggs was signed to XL Recordings. He is known for his creative wordplay and catchphrases He released his debut studio album Walk in da Park (2008). The follow-up album, Let Em Ave It (2009), performed commercially better, peaking at number 35 on the UK Albums Chart. The singles " Don't Go There" featuring B.o.B and " Look What the Cat Dragged In" both charted in the top 60 of the UK Singles Chart. Giggs released his third studio album When Will It Stop, on 11 October 2013.

He is the leader of SN1 (Spare No 1), alongside his brothers Gunna Dee, Joe Grind, Spender and Young Giggs (YG), Kyze and Tiny Boost. The group's main producers are Boom Productions (aka BoomBlast), Universe, Pablo Productions, Paws Productions, Bayoz Musik.

Usage examples of "giggs".

Miss Giggs, looking at a pair of scarlet satin evening shoes in an embarrassed manner and tilting her full plate dangerously.

Miss Giggs knew what had happened, she had left her and was tearing up the front staircase as hard as she could go.

Miss Giggs, carrying a full plate, could reach the cubicle, so she stole, with her prize, back to the front staircase, and descended to the first floor.

But it would be interesting to know, all the same, why Miss Giggs, instead of complaining bitterly about the damage done to her shoes, should have gone off and hidden them in her hat-box.

Miss Giggs, that the Warden has your grievance in hand, and it and the offender will be dealt with.

Miss Giggs for any annoyance or inconvenience you may have caused her.

Athelstan students, except Miss Giggs, Miss Mathers and a First-Year South African student named Firth, would be out of Hall during the long week-end.

Miss Giggs made her usual excuse of wanting to work when the Warden inquired, gazing like a benevolent snake at the assembled students on the Saturday evening preceding the half-term weekend, how many of them proposed to remain in Hall, but in her case, as in the case of Miss Mathers, it was a question of a heavy railway fare.

It consisted of the senior student herself, two or three of her year, three First-Years, and even the ostracized Miss Giggs, the mild Miss Morris and the ticket-of-leave Miss Cartwright.

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