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n. (plural of plug English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: plug)

Usage examples of "plugs".

Keito get her the plugs and vids she would need to carry off the deception.

There, nestled in silk was a new dildo he had purchased for her, several plugs and other assorted devices, and several tubes of lubricants.

At a marine supply place out on one of the piers we bought ourselves a fuel line, spark plugs and other small important items that Wes might have removed to make the Zodiac unstealable.

She discovered devices such as butt plugs, vibrators, cock rings, bullets, eggs, nipple clamps, and pocket rockets.

They had rubbed the spark plugs with rags and they had polished the chrome, so far to no effect.

They had such an un risen look, dull raisin eyes, pinched plugs of dough for their noses, rounded plugs of dough for their assertive chins.

She walked up to the Professor to inquire whether the outlet plugs in his native land were standard or variable, and did he recommend any particular universal adapter, which she would really rather purchase in the States because, well, frankly, because she did not doubt they would be much more reliable.

Stevens snapped into their sockets the locking plugs of the drag line.

All of this had been setup so that Zeldo and his ilk could fly straight in from California, drop their whores off at the Imperial, and plug their computer and other more arcane devices straight into the wall without having to deal with the awful culture shock of incompatible plugs and voltages.

She picked up the telephone, clamping the handset down into its cradle with her thumb, and rotated it around, looking at all the tiny little switches and jacks and plugs and connectors.

It attaches to the target cells, injects its DNA, and plugs the new gene into place.

They told us back at Cooper that the guy who invented plugs was named Socket or something.

Souquet invented his plugs and sockets, and neural-response circuits, and the whole basic technology by which a machine could be controlled by direct nervous impulse, the same impulses that cause your hand or foot to move.

Lorq took three steps across the room, yanked two plugs from the tank, and fixed them in his wrists.

I had time to notice that one of the plugs was only partly screwed into the end that Strange held in my direction, before a policeman sharply ordered him to put it back on the desk.