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biblical book, late 14c., so called because it tells the history of the kings of Judah and Israel.


n. 1 (plural of king English)Category:English plurals 2 (context poker slang English) A pair of king#Noun. 3 A drinking game that uses playing cards.

Kings -- U.S. County in New York
Population (2000): 2465326
Housing Units (2000): 930866
Land area (2000): 70.606050 sq. miles (182.868822 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 26.292990 sq. miles (68.098529 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 96.899040 sq. miles (250.967351 sq. km)
Located within: New York (NY), FIPS 36
Location: 40.649812 N, 73.952247 W
Kings, NY
Kings County
Kings County, NY
Kings -- U.S. County in California
Population (2000): 129461
Housing Units (2000): 36563
Land area (2000): 1390.992742 sq. miles (3602.654510 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.498565 sq. miles (1.291278 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1391.491307 sq. miles (3603.945788 sq. km)
Located within: California (CA), FIPS 06
Location: 36.155141 N, 119.811272 W
Kings, CA
Kings County
Kings County, CA

Kings or King's may refer to:

  • Monarchs: The Sovereign Heads of states and/or nations, with the male being kings
  • One of several works known as the "Book of Kings":
    • The Books of Kings part of the Bible, divided into two parts
    • The Shahnama, an 11th-century epic Persian poem
    • The Morgan Bible, a French medieval picture Bible
    • The Pararaton, a 16th-century Javanese history of southeast Asia
Kings (game)

Circle of Death (also known as Kings, king's cup, donut, jug, oval of fire, or ring of fire) is a drinking game that uses playing cards. The player must drink and dispense drinks based on cards drawn. Each card has a rule that is predetermined before the game starts. Many houses have their own variation of rules.

Kings (electoral district)

Kings was a federal electoral district in Nova Scotia, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1867 to 1925.

It was created in the British North America Act, 1867. The riding was abolished in 1924 when it was merged into Hants—Kings riding. It consisted of Kings County.

Kings (Australian TV series)

Kings is a 1983 Australian television series dealing with the working-class King family living in Sydney. It was the first drama series produced by PBL Productions and ran for 19 hour-long episodes that began on 12 July 1983 on the Nine Network.

Kings (provincial electoral district)

Kings was a provincial electoral district in Nova Scotia, Canada, that elected one member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. It existed from 1867-1956

Kings (film)

Kings is a 2007 Irish film written & directed by Tom Collins and based on Jimmy Murphy's play The Kings of the Kilburn High Road. The film is bilingual, having both Irish and English dialogues. It premiered at the Taormina Film Festival (Italy) in June 2007, and was selected as Ireland's official entry for the 2008 Academy Awards in the best foreign-language film category. The film tells the story of a group of Irish friends who, after emigrating to England 30 years previously, meet for the funeral of a friend. In 2008, the Irish postal service, An Post, issued a series of stamps honouring the Irish film industry. Colm Meaney, as Joe Mullan, was featured on the 55 cent stamp.

Kings (album)

Kings is the first album released by the American rock band I Am Empire. It was released on January 25, 2011 through Tooth & Nail Records. It peaked 35 on the Billboard Christian album chart and 40 on the Top Heatseekers Chart.

Kings (New Brunswick provincial electoral district)

Kings was a provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, Canada. It used a bloc voting system to elect candidates. It was abolished with the 1973 electoral redistribution, when the province moved to single-member ridings.

Kings (U.S. TV series)

Kings is an American television drama series which aired on NBC. The series' narrative is loosely based on the Biblical story of King David, but set in a kingdom that culturally and technologically resembles the present-day United States.

Advance showings received mostly positive critical reviews. The Sunday March 15, 2009 premiere placed fourth in network television ratings for that evening. After four episodes aired, NBC moved it to a Saturday slot, but only showed one more episode before pulling the series until summer. The remaining seven episodes were aired on Saturdays in June and July; however, Kings was canceled after failing to find a sufficient audience.

Usage examples of "kings".

Mademoiselle de la Valliere, it belongs to kings to repair the want of opportunity, and most delightedly do I undertake to repair, in your instance, and with the least possible delay, the wrongs of fortune toward you.

And when all your requisitions are satisfied, I will still repeat, that you surpass kings and M.

All my life through have I maintained that kings are above all other men, not only from their rank and power, but from their nobleness of heart and their true dignity of mind.

I have never inflicted the slightest wrong or injury on any one in this world, and kings even are still my debtors.

And learn from me, sire, that bad kings are hated by their people, and poor kings are driven ignominiously away.

Lebrun had painted on the vaulted ceiling the happy, as well as disagreeable, dreams with which Morpheus affects kings as well as other men.

I am one of those who think that the parts which kings and powerful nobles are called upon to act are infinitely of more worth than the parts of beggars or lackeys.

For, in short, you must admit that it is sufficiently strange to be born the grandson of a king, to have made war against kings, to have been reckoned among the powers of the age, to have maintained my rank, to feel Henry IV.

Only there were then privileges for the sons of kings, to whom nobody refused to become a creditor, whether from respect, devotedness, or a persuasion that they would some day be paid.

Several of the early Celtic kings of legend had the title, and the best known to us is Uther Pendragon, the father of King Arthur.

Cymbeline may be boasting here that Britain has had kings, and therefore civilization, longer than Rome.

For two centuries they fought the Celts, and little by little, Britain, the island of such legendary kings as Lear and such dimly historical ones as Cymbeline, was converted into Anglo-Saxon England.

It was customary for the early Scandinavian kings to be known by some distinguishing characteristic.

Scottish kings were crowned while sitting on it, until Edward I of England seized it in 1296 and carried it back to London.

Ever since then the Stone of Scone has been under the coronation throne in Westminster and English kings have been crowned on it.