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vb. (en-third-person singular of: hang)

Usage examples of "hangs".

I know more about her than you think, and I am convinced that if she hangs then no great injustice will be done.

England, you have prepared for him a secure retreat, until the rising sun of Truth shall have dispersed the darkness which still hangs over his mysterious fate.

The stump of his leg hangs down with his pant leg neatly pinned up around it, but he is philosophical about it.

The skirt hangs nicely, not too full, and the middle fits good and snug around my ribs, and my chest sits up all jaunty in the top part.

The soprano leaves the baritone and goes up to a high D and just hangs there, either shattered or ecstatic.

Like a chandelier that is too big for the room in which it hangs, so the official buildings on the Ringstrasse, built at a time of overbearing Imperial optimism, were somehow too grand, too opulent for the geographical realities of the new Austria.

But if it all hangs together, even circumstantially, then we all three go to the Pentagon this afternoon and confront these people.

In one hangs a kakemono, or wall-picture, a painting of a blossoming branch of the cherry on white silk--a perfect piece of art, which in itself fills the room with freshness and beauty.

In the alcove hangs a kakemono of exquisite beauty, a single blossoming branch of the cherry.

Her thick, grey hair hangs in shocks, the tattooing round her mouth has nearly faded, and no longer disguises her really handsome features.

Above it, on a very black and elaborate framework, hangs a very black and shiny mat, whose superfluous soot forms the basis of the stain used in tattooing, and whose apparent purpose is to prevent the smoke ascending, and to diffuse it equally throughout the room.

To my left hangs a samurai sword, its truncated blade gleaming with threatening purpose.

A gold earring decorates his left earlobe, and a braided, silver ponytail hangs over his right shoulder.

A big cigar and several tongue depressors protrude from his white lab coat, and a red stethoscope hangs around his neck.

Sometimes a river breeze blows it out of the cab, but today the air hangs dead and still over the island, as though trapped under the overturned bowl of steel-gray clouds.