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n. (plural of hog English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: hog)

Usage examples of "hogs".

But it don't matter, cause the more hogs we got, the more methane gas we produce, an by now we is not only lightin up Coalville, but two other little towns down the road.

The hogs don't take a whole lot of work, but there are other problems to contend with.

Finally Sergeant Kranz clapped me on the back an sent me on my way, an when I got back to the farm with a load of garbage for the hogs, Mister McGivver was beside hissef.

In a few months our operation was workin so good Mister McGivver had to buy us two new trucks just to haul the garbage to our farm, an within a year, we had seven thousan an eighty-one hogs to our name.

Why don't you just put the hogs on the railroad an let them take em up?

By now, we has got more than ten thousan hogs, an that number is expandin ever day.

By the end of the year, Mister McGivver say we ought to have upwards of twenty-five thousan hogs an, at about two pounds of pig shit per hog per day.

He says the coal mine goes for nearly two miles from where the entrance is in town right across this land where the hogs are, and stops just before it gets to the swamp.

You said you were having to slow down the breeding a little bit cause there are just so many hogs you can sell in Wheeling and the other places around here.

The problem is, it costs so much to ship hogs that it becomes uneconomical.

I did not understand all of it exactly, but the gist of it is this: Inside the ship the hogs is kept in layers from top to bottom.

The floorin is nothin but heavy mesh steel, an so when the hogs on the top layer shit, it drops on the second layer an the second on the third an so on, until finally all the hog shit winds up in the bottom of the boat, where there is a machine like we have made here that runs the entire ship.

I runned past the pens an across the pasture, an damn if all the hogs don't start chasin us, too—even the ones in the pens, what broke through an joined the mob.

I can take a hog or I can leave it, but that man loved hogs and hogs loved him, they followed him all over, I can hear him calling down them river evenings to this day.

The hogs was brought in every night cause of the panthers, which was very common on the rivers, and he fed 'em garden trash and table slops and such so they wouldn't get no fishy taste from feeding on crabs and orsters at low tide like them old razorbacks of Richard Hamilton.