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n. (plural of meg English)

Usage examples of "megs".

They’ve made a lot more progress toward stabilizing this society than you’d expect for just five megs of runtime.

One very experienced colleague of yours vanished completely, and is now over twenty megs past their criticality deadline.

Maybe that explains why over the bloody course of four hundred megs and sixteen engagements I end up being promoted to template-senior sergeant and replicated a hundredfold.

I spent the next couple of megs scrambling graveyards beyond retrieval, then they got around to actually in-processing me and assigned me to erasing archive trails.

We wouldn't be the same strong industrial society after one thousand megs but our cities would still be standing and the mortality rate would be in the fairly low percentiles, about eight to twelve percent.

And Megs, the heroine of the book, clearly didn’t know a thing about farming.

They were five hundred megabytes each and Lane's computer only had 384 megs of RAM.

The thing is, you can't load an OMS file unless you have five hundred megs of memory.

Her home computer had three hundred eighty-four megs, and her laptop has one hundred twenty-eight.

There was an Aptiva in the den, with Pentium 133 chip and 32 megs of RAM, a ten-gig hard drive, a 25-inch monitor and an 800-dpi printer.