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n. (plural of gang English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: gang)

Gangs (album)

Gangs is the second studio album by the Northern Irish post-rock band And So I Watch You From Afar, released on 29 April 2011 on Richter Collective.

Usage examples of "gangs".

The club wipes out all outlaw motorcycle gangs except two: the 15-member Tribesmen in Nanaimo and Squamish, and the 15-member Highwaymen in Cranbrook.

The Sam Lerner case is a typical example of the type of strong arm extortion practiced by the various ethnic underworld gangs of that time against business people within their ethnic communities.

Purple Gang and the Oakland Sugar House Gangs began during this period.

Men and sometimes women were routinely attacked by well-armed and organized gangs of hijackers like the Purple Gang.

Coast Guard and hijacking gangs, so by the later twenties organized crime in Detroit forced most independent rumrunners out of business.

ANGELS: A Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs appeared in 1967 has there been such a thorough account.

They are the gang out of which all outlaw motorcycle gangs grow, the primal ooze out of which the last link crawls, white trash on wheels.

Angels, like other outlaw motorcycle gangs, reject society, its values, its laws.

They ride iron horses, fight holy wars with other gangs over the honor of club colors, loot and wench in their jealously guarded fiefdoms and rely in the end on the protection offered by the castle the club.

They are the epitome, the extreme against which other gangs measure themselves.

The American Motorcycle Association bars roving motorcycle gangs from membership for casting the sport into disrepute.

Angels are the first outlaw motorcycle gang of note and set a trend that all gangs follow to this day.

Takeovers get sloppy when the sought-after club seeks shark repellent and allies with other gangs to fight off the suitor.

Membership in outlaw motorcycle gangs swells in the late 1960s and early 1970s with a second wave of disgruntled warriors-soldiers from the Vietnam War bring to the gangs much needed explosives and weapons skills as well as military contacts who arm the clubs.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs around the world continue to work as bodyguards at rock concerts in the early 1970s despite the debacle at Altamont.