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n. (WAG English)


WAGS (1380 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Country music format. Licensed to Bishopville, South Carolina, USA, the station is owned by Beaver Communications.

WAGS (TV series)

WAGS is an American reality documentary television series that premiered on August 18, 2015, on E! television network. The reality show chronicles both the professional and personal lives of several WAGs (an acronym for wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons).

On September 29, 2015, the network renewed the show for a second season, which is scheduled to air on June 26, 2016. "With the return of the series, viewers will get an even deeper look behind-the-scenes of this exclusive celebrity lifestyle and unique point of view inside the world of sports," said Jeff Olde, an executive vice president of the network.

Usage examples of "wags".

War Wags One and Two rumbled out through the gates of Towse ville and rolled steadily northeast toward the Sangre de Cristo.

The two armored wags lumbered slowly along the boulder-strewn track, the men and women inside sweltering under the scorching sun.

Trader had discovered the war wags hidden deep in the heart of the Apps, way north and east.

Lots of places where the two wags stopped for a night were so dangerous that it meant all sleeping on board, battened down, with a watcher at every ob-slit.

Ryan held up his hand for a pause, looking back to the foaming ribbon of the river and the two dusty war wags, the cluster of small fires.

Twice in the past three years, the war wags had encountered such gangs and decimated them in savage firefights, as the discipline of the Trader brought victories.

Blood jetted out like an arterial fountain, and Ryan knew at that second that the war wags would be measuring for a new shortest crew member.

War Wags One and Two were there, standing in a loose semicircle around the rectangular hole that a working party had dug during the afternoon.

Many of the crews of the two wags began to moan and bitch, rolling their sleepers and carrying them back into the wags.

That was one of the reasons why Hunaker had survived on the war wags as long as she had.

BY THE TIME Ryan returned to the war wags, the situation had been resolved.

It had turned the campsite into an instant quagmire, but the big driving wheels of the war wags had got them moving without any serious difficulties.

Whether it would bear the enormous weight of the armored war wags was uncertain.

He decided, once he was close enough, that it was sturdily built and would easily carry the two war wags, as long as they took it one at a time.

War Wags One and Two drove along the well-maintained blacktop and found themselves within sight of the adobe buildings that made up the ville of Towse.