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n. (plural of beg English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: beg)

Usage examples of "begs".

He begs them, if he be taken, to return him whatever may be in his cell, but if he succeed he gives the whole to Francis Soradaci, who is still a captive for want of courage to escape, not like me preferring liberty to life.

Western should close with Allworthy that very afternoon, the lover departed home, having first earnestly begged that no violence might be offered to the lady by this haste, in the same manner as a popish inquisitor begs the lay power to do no violence to the heretic delivered over to it, and against whom the church hath passed sentence.

My sister would have come with me, but she is laid up with a feverish cold, and begs me to offer her apologies.

Majesty, your captain begs your permission to go see the Moorish camp within a few days.

He begs Your Highness to go with him personally with all your forces, to help carry out the conquest of the Empire of Greece.

In addition, he begs you to put all your cavalry in order, and have the city well guarded, for tomorrow morning he will attack the Moorish armada, and he fears that when the Moors see their squadron lost they will mount a powerful attack against the city.

His Majesty, the emperor, has sent me to your lordship, and he begs you to come on land.

Lord Seminon begs Lady Oriza to make him welcome when he reaches the water and she often bars his passage out of jealousy.

Monsieur Malicorne, it is quite impossible for me to give you any explanation: you must therefore confide in me as in a friend who got you out of a great difficulty yesterday, and who now begs you to draw him out of one to-day.

Duke of Buckingham who begs me to come and place myself near to you on this seat.

Tell him that Lord Roupen waits outside the city walls and begs to be reunited with his family.

He feels his death is hard upon him and begs you will all come together.

Resigning himself to which condition with a perfectly satisfied manner, Phil begs the favour of another cup of coffee.

I have wasted--and begs and prays me to take it, set myself right with it, and remain in the service.

Sir Leicester is not particular what it is and does not appear to follow it very closely, further than that he always comes broad awake the moment Volumnia ventures to leave off, and sonorously repeating her last words, begs with some displeasure to know if she finds herself fatigued.