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n. (plural of hug English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: hug)


Hugs (Haskell User's Gofer System), also Hugs 98, is a bytecode interpreter for the functional programming language Haskell. Hugs is the successor to Gofer, and was originally derived from Gofer version 2.30b. Hugs and Gofer were originally developed by Mark P. Jones, now a professor at Portland State University.

Hugs comes with a simple graphics library. As a complete Haskell implementation that is portable and simple to install, Hugs is sometimes recommended for new Haskell users.

Hugs deviates from the Haskell 98 specification in several minor ways. For example, Hugs does not support mutually recursive modules. A list of differences exists.

The Hugs prompt (a Haskell REPL) accepts expressions for evaluation, but not module, type or function definitions. Hugs can load Haskell modules at start-up.

Hugs (song)

"Hugs" is a song written and recorded by American comedy hip hop group The Lonely Island with American R&B and hip hop singer Pharrell Williams for The Lonely Island's third studio album The Wack Album.

The single premiered in North America on Saturday Night Live on May 17, 2014.

Usage examples of "hugs".

There was another round of back slapping and hugs, and then the five of them went down to the grotto, where Ron had tied up the dinghy, and Harry waved goodbye to them, feeling that something good could come out of this after all.

She had no place to go, no home to return to, no clan to welcome her with hugs and kisses.

The circle broke then and they all ran over and fell on top of the girls, tumbling into a big happy heap of hugs and giggles.

B-Jay was still trying to establish communication and for B-Jay, at this moment, hugs and kisses were the most powerful and direct form of communication.

They laughed and screamed and cheered and soon they were jumping up and down-and dissolving into laughter and happy tears and hugs and kisses and silly-sad smiles, and it was okay, and it was good, and for just a little while, they almost looked like normal children again.

The airline finally rerouted them through Baltimore, which made Johnny even more nervous, which had him poking at Kikit, who came crying to me, and all I could do was to leave another message for Dennis and put the children on the plane with lingering hugs and the sworn word of the flight attendant that she would hand-deliver them to Dennis at Logan.

He had the children give me hugs and sent them upstairs to do their homework before asking why I had come.

They exchanged backslaps and hugs, then Laurie presented the man to the others.