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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
box office receipts/takings etc (=the number of tickets sold or the money received)
▪ But the real reason the bar takings.
▪ And if there are no bar takings then there will be no future performances.
▪ Everything was down, subscriptions and bar takings, caddie and green fees.
▪ Last season £18,000 in bar takings were found to be missing but no culprit was ever found.
▪ A percentage of the takings is usually allocated to advertising: this is the advertising budget.
▪ Checking the takings late at night is no substitute for a proper budgetary control system.
▪ Dry manager Leroy Richardson was frogmarched to a safe containing the weekend's takings.
▪ In it they found and pocketed several thousand pounds, the takings of the bingo hall, then left.
▪ The takings from calls were less than £25,000.
▪ The profits grew and the bank manager began to smile at Carrie whenever she paid in the weekly takings.
▪ They front the firm and hand over half the takings to the police, otherwise they get visits from gun-toting goons.
▪ You were after the takings, weren't you?

n. 1 The cash or money received (taken) by a shop or other business; receipts. 2 (plural of taking English)Category:English plurals


n. the income arising from land or other property; "the average return was about 5%" [syn: return, issue, proceeds, take, yield, payoff]

Usage examples of "takings".

Generally a friendly atmosphere reigned, and the day of the final takings era directly cheers.

I talk about to that surely you will have to make several takings with Rachel and Austin before Emily makes his entrance in scene.

They said that takings were rich on the Queen, that there was nothing here to threaten them, and that their kin were colonizing the Royal Dorsum everywhere.

And when he checked the takings at the end of the day, although we were two shillings and fivepence light from a usual Saturday, he still handed over the sixpenny piece he always gave me at the end of the week.

At any other time or place, the takings would have been accounted a pathetically paltry treasure.

If that happens, the mortgage will have to be paid from takings at the arts lab.

He said that this horse of yours was likely to win the National, and if Sherman had had any sense he would have come back for that race and then stolen the National day takings, which would have been a better haul all round.

There was bustle in the officials' room and a lot of grins and assurances that the takings this day were safe in the safe.

Which is no doubt why,' he grinned, 'Lars is Chairman and you are the chief investigator, and I am only a security officer who lets the racecourse takings be stolen from under his nose.

All the same, he had shut his bag over its swollen takings and left his pitch for the day and gone home, explaining to his colleagues that he didn't feel well.

The takings reached the sum of eight louis, which was as good business as M.