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n. (plural of swag English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: swag)

Usage examples of "swags".

DREAM Mitchell and I rolled up our swags after New Year and started to tramp west.

And many came back broken men, tramping in rags, and carrying their swags through the dusty heat of the drought in December or the bitter, pelting rain in the mountains in June.

Jack and I rigged up a strip of waterproof stuff we had to cover the swags on the packhorse, but the rain drove in, almost horizontally, and we got wet through, blankets, clothes and all.

Garlands and swags of leaves and sheaves were everywhere: hung from lampposts, from tiled eaves, from lintels and shop signs, from the neck of every person on the streets.

After supper the weary girls curled up in their swags and in no time at all, they were fast asleep.

Several wreaths sat piled waiting for decorations, and half a dozen swags sat to the side glittering with a generous sprinkle of gold dust.

Dagon hurried along hand in hand with her as she detailed where the wreaths and swags would hang.

Pine swags decorated with an array of pinecones and berries and dusted with gold fairy dust graced the door tops.

SOME carry their swags in the Great North-West, Where the bravest battle and die, And a few have gone to their last long rest, And a few have said: Good-bye!

Track, And have shed your load of sorrow as we slipped our swags out back, We shall have a yarn together in the land of Rest Awhile-- And across his ragged shoulder Mitchell smiles his quiet smile.