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n. (plural of gig English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: gig)

Usage examples of "gigs".

With that kind of bread behind me, I could lay on a whole series of special gigs playing anything that turns you guys on.

Their gig at the Astoria was one of three make-up gigs for the London area.

Jim had been worried about the cost of the project and he had taken pains to point out to Astor that fans would still come to Drachensblut gigs after buying the video, just as they came to live gigs after buying live audio albums.

As well as performing gigs around the local area, the musicians had started putting on shows at the pub.

Astor and his band played three gigs on successive nights, the first at the Astoria and the next two at venues of similar size in neighbouring towns.

He had three gigs lined up over the weekend - a Saturday nighter at the Astoria with the regulars and then two club gigs as a member of a completely different Dead Junkies line-up with another set of local musicians.

The Dead Junkies had a couple of gigs over the weekend and he was expecting a bunch of musicians to descend on his home within the hour for a combined rehearsal and musical strategy session.

The plan seems to be to do gigs in Australia and New Zealand around a couple of weeks off, before they do another series of gigs in the Far East.

They had burned brightly through the Seventies and then just dropped out of sight, apart from eight gigs per year at closed venues with admittance by invitation only.

James occasionally by getting him to fix up gigs for new bands at no notice.

The musicians settled into the usual routine of gigs, clubs, interviews, fun and games at the hotels and some sight-seeing.

I was hustling days, playing different gigs nights, Maureen and I were still together, life was fine.

When I got back to Greensville, of course I thought I was a pretty big little man, playing these gigs lust like a grown-up.

But lust by being available, I started making connections and soon began getting calls for gigs now and then.

Well, one day he asked me to do some out-of-town gigs with him--in central Florida.