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n. (plural of tang English)


C.K. Tangs Limited is a company that specializes within Singapore’s retail market, with its flagship store TANGS located on Orchard Road, Singapore. For many, TANGS is regarded as a principal shopping destination in the city, comparable to Bloomingdale's in New York City and Selfridges in London.

The oldest home-bred department store in Singapore, TANGS was founded by Tang Choon Keng, popularly known as CK Tang, in 1932.

Usage examples of "tangs".

So Uncle thinks the Tangs swiped the tomb goods and sold them to Farmer.

Ill put off my trip to the South Seas and take a run at the Tangs myself.

What worried Lianne was that Wen Zhi Tang was eager to form a liaison with Seng, hoping it would lead to the Tangs being viewed with more favor by the mainland Chinese.

She had disappointed them since the instant of her birth, living proof of Johnny Tangs liaison with a foreign woman.

If it didnt, well, that would lead to more questions, questions whose answers would be as unsettling as the fear she had seen in Johnny Tangs eyes.

After the revolution, the Tangs were shut out of mainland Chinas power structure.

Various emperors might have called various Tangs brigands, ruffians, and outlaws.

The names got more grandiose during the Ming dynasty, after the Tangs got rich enough to buy and sell lives like sacks of rice.

She had produced Kyle Donovan for the Tangs, and now they had no further need of her presence.

But the thought of seeing her without defenses in this den of Tangs stopped him.

And in one very special, very small steel room, there was a coffin-sized pedestal supporting the Tangs most extraordinary treasure an intact jade burial suit from the Han dynasty.

SunCos sails had been trimmed and the Tangs were welcome back in Hong Kong.

Whatever trade Han Seng and the Tangs had worked out was none of her business.

As she picked up the next jade, she hoped that the rest of the pieces Seng was trading to the Tangs werent as lackluster as the batch she had already seen.

As she shouldered her bag, she tried not to think how angry the Tangs would be with her.