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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Casings \Ca"sings\, n. pl. Dried dung of cattle used as fuel. [Prov. Eng.]
--Waterland. [1913 Webster] ||


n. 1 (plural of casing English) 2 (context UK dialect archaic English) Dried cattle dung used as fuel.

Usage examples of "casings".

Well, I treat my casings and slugs, darling, he said to her silently as the reticles of the telescope picked out a pretty target on her neck.

The flat roof had seven satellite uplinks covered by geodesic weather casings that resembled particularly virile bright orange toadstools.

Needle slivers sliced deep into Twelve-T’s flesh, some ricochetting off the metal casings of his replacement parts.

Spent solid rocket casings separated as the dazzling plumes of fusion fire sprang out, and they began to accelerate in towards the habitat at twenty-five gees.

Her light beams fanned up and down the casings, then settled on the screens.

Fluids had leaked from their valves and feed tube junctions, dribbling down the casings to solidify in colourful multi-layered ribbons.

Then they would slip the flush-riveted casings over the molding frame and true and smooth the outsides to reduce the chaos created by the air when the rocket was fired.

Katz heard Sadek instruct the officer to "…take the shell casings to the laboratory.

The casings, all of which Sachs had recovered, had been dipped in cleansers to eliminate even the prints of the employees of the ammunition company-so no one could trace the purchase back to a certain shift at one of the Remington plants and then forward to a shipment that ended up in a particular location.

Because of the bulkiness of the disruptors, the eight man crews were necessary to successfully load the huge casings into the transports.

At one end of the casings, Dron Svenson activated a force guidance clamp.

More than once, the huge casings wedged themselves immobile when making a turn of more than seventy-five degrees.

Seattle Homicide detectives scoured the spots where gunfire had taken place, picking up casings and taking photographs.

Seattle detectives Walt Maning and Cynthia Tall man were in the 220block of NE Seventy-seventh, looking for the casings ejected by Officers Basley’s and Casey’s weapons as they fired at the fleeing van.

A passerby stopped the two detectives as they moved along the sidewalk, still searching for casings or other evidence.