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Usage examples of "changs".

He was bringing his entire family to America: his wife, two sons and Changs widower father.

Wu Qichen and Changs father and sons were struggling to untie a large orange inflatable launch on the stern of the boat.

Though Wu Qichen knew nothing about the Ghost's whereabouts in the city, the scrawny, embittered man gave her some information about the Changs, including the name of the infant with them, Po-Yee, which meant Treasured Child.

The Changs were Sam, Mei-Mei, William and Ronald, as well as Chang's father, who was known by his full Chinese name, Chang Jiechi.

But he was a man who could be very valuable—since he knew where the Changs were hiding.

It seemed this was going to be a neck-and-neck race to see who got to the Changs first, he or the police, and if it came to a shoot-out he wanted good firepower.

For there to be significant amounts on the victims shoes meant that the Changs were probably living quite close to one of the plants.

There were a number of treatment plants in Queens and given the fickle winds in the New York City area, the Changs could be living in a several block radius around any of them.

The police are close to finding the Changs and I have to get there first and then get out of this country and go home.

Give her a minute or so inside the living room with the Changs to put them at ease and to give the Turks a chance to get in position at the front door.

She climbed into the crime scene bus, glancing back once to see the Changs climb into an INS minibus.

The Changs, the Wus and who knew how many others were suddenly at risk again.

The Ghost studied the curious man—who'd miraculously discovered the location of the Fuzhou Dragon at sea, who'd found the Wus and the Changs and who had actually succeeded in capturing the Ghost himself.

The Changs who own a hefty slice of the Pacific Rim pearl trade and are looking to acquire more?

By the time the Changs checked the videotape – if they became suspicious enough to check it at all – he and Hannah would be long gone.